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Republican Reality Check

Although dated by about a week, this video gives us an historical record of a popular and contemporary characterization of todays Republicans.

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As anyone who’s paying attention knows, Republicans have a serious identity crises of their own making. I never would have guessed back during the height of Gingrich/Delay/Rove/Republican preeminence, that there genius tactics would be their own undoing.

The resulting vacuum in party leadership darkened by an ideology run-amuck has produced this panic to re-define conservatism without raising elephant in the room alarm bells.

If anyone saw David Brooks at the Young Republicans National Convention, you saw one of the very few examples of an honest conservative in tears over impending doom of Republicans in November.

Some Hand-Holding For Conservatives In Their Identity Crisis

Republican Reality Check: Which will have a quicker impact on our dependence on foreign oil, and prices?

a. Properly inflated tires
b. Off shore drilling


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