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Who Really Killed Dr. Tiller? Murder in the Name of Christianity.

A few things are empirically true about the murder of Kansas Doctor George Tiller this past summer. The murderer, Scott Roeder and his supporters are angry, extremist, fundamentalist Christians.

While all major Christian institutions have condemned the murder, they have also disavowed the tactics of militant anti-abortion folks who legitimize their behavior under the banner of Christianity.

Even Bill O’Reilly, primary provocateur of record, has clearly and explicitly condemned Scott Roeder and the slaying of an innocent man in the name of Christianity. But O’Reilly did not act alone. He was encouraged, CHEERED in fact, by a small number of militant Christians with a clear history of harassment and violence in and around Wichita Kansas. Apparently, bloggers played a major role, some of them even falling over themselves to take credit.

That is why Richard Okelberry’s history of militant anti-abortion speech, long-standing attacks on Dr. Tiller and his  explicit refusal to condemn Tiller’s murder demands closer scrutiny as to the role he played in this horrific affront to human decency and Christian values.

Note: Richard Okelberry hails from Lincoln, Nebraska less than 200 miles from Roeder’s home.

By his own admission, Okelberry began sending letters about Dr. George Tiller at last as early as March 2006. In a post titled (surprise) “Tiller The baby Killer” which features a faked photo of Tiller in jail, Okelberry writes;

Scott Reoder ProvocateurI also sent copies to Planned Parenthood, the areas premier abortion provider, as well as several state representatives and a few nationally syndicated radio talk show hosts…One of those copied was Mr. Bill O’Reilly from the Fox News Channel and the Bill O’Reilly Show. Richard Okelberry March 24, 2006

It is well know by now that up until the time of Tiller’s murder, O’Reilly or guest, had mentioned Tiller (as the Baby Killer) at least 28 times. In the same post Okleberry implicitly claims to have encouraged Bill O’Reilly:

While I have no idea whether or not my correspondence had any effect, I can tell you with all certainty that Bill O’Reilly has now picked up the ball and is running for the ”in-zone.” In fact he has launched an all out campaign against the infamous Kansas doctor that he calls, “Tiller the baby killer.”

In the days following one of Okelberry’s letters O’Reilly said on the air:

“No question Dr. Tiller has blood on his hands. But now so does Governor Sebelius. She is not fit to serve. Nor is any Kansas politician who supports Tiller’s business of destruction. I wouldn’t want to be these people if there is a Judgment Day.

By any measure, this is a veiled death threat.  While O’Reilly has consistently shocked the world with his bullying, cruelty and recklessness, he is not known for originating death threats.  One can only assume that he was referring to threats made by others?  But who?  Who among O’Reilly’s sources was using the term Judgment Day in reference to Tiller?

I think the answer is clear.  This is a Christian term which, in its most popular context, means death, deserving of death to be specific.

Lets take a moment and consider the vitriol in Okelberry’s writings. In this post of less than 500 words attacking Obama and Sebelius, Okelberry refers to Tiller as a “baby killer” no less than SEVEN times.

Militant Anti-Abortionist“…Gov. Sebelius, even threw a party for the infamous Tiller the Baby Killer (George Tiller)…to thank Tiller for his sizable blood money….Tiller the Baby Killer isn’t just your run of the mill abortionist….that will pluck the dead remains of a fully developed baby at 9 months…Tiller the Baby Killer and his wife…”

George Tiller was murdered 90 days later.

While it remains unclear exactly what role his vicious anti-abortion advocacy played in encouraging the cold-blooded murder of George Tiller by Scott Reoder, it is clear that Ricard Okelberry petitioned Bill O’Reilly to villanize a great and brave Doctor who risked his life everyday to protect the health and in many cases, the lives of women. Richard Okelberry bragged about it.

As a prolific contributing author to a popular local Utah blog called KVNU’s For The People, Okelberry’s response to Tiller’s murder was expected to reflect some contrition.  As one who wore his Christianity on his sleeve, we all expected some remorse, at the very least a clear condemnation for this unchristian act.  Instead, in a post entitled Mass Murderer Dies at the Hands of Radical (which was subsequently removed), we got:

Mass Murderer Dies at the Hands of RadicalMy first instinct after hearing of the shooting Sunday was to write an essay on the topic.  Instead I decided to take a moment to allow those on both sides of this issue make their case.  I was not surprised to find some on the right rejoicing over the death of Tiller.

Should we also look at the charitable record of his murderer to justify his actions?  Both of these men were evil and murderous.  They are both GUILTY!

This is the first death of an abortionist at the hands of a pro-lifer in over 20 YEARS!  This is not a pattern, but merely an incident.  Young men living on the South Side of Chicago are far more likely to meet a violent end… in that community, than any abortions is [sic].

In addition to his uncompromising position against womens’ reproductive health rights and flaunting disregard for law, all under the guise of religion, Okelberry has been advocating for the most vile, sickening law enforcement practices imaginable.  Follows is only one example of the kinds of punishment he imagines for young pregnant girls.

I do want to point out that when a 15 year old girl does have an abortion, the genetic material contained in the discarded fetus should be collected by law enforcement and used as evidence of a crime. What crime you ask? First degree, unlawful sexual assault of a minor child is a felony in Nebraska. Richard Okelberry March 24, 2006

The lengthy record of Okelberry’s writing reflect nothing short of the ugliest kind of misogyny and a total disregard for democracy, privacy, law,  Christian doctrine and the Christian community.

Okelberry’s actions and posture on this issue constitute nothing less than the promotion of violence, immorality, misogyny and intolerance through the fraudulent usurpation of Christianity.

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Pimping Religion for Power: Okelberries Crusade Withers on the Vine

My final statement in response to the Okelberry Crusade (assault) entitled  Glenn Beck: Hung By the Neck at KVNU
April 17th, 2009 at 09:29


Agreed. We should probably close this thread…after I get a last word.

Okelberries quoted me accurately.

I’m interested in decapitating people who think their religious opinions belong in government.

The operative (dependent) clause here is “who think their religious opinions belong in government.”

I do not speak of religious people, but rather ‘people who…’ I am of course referring to the once powerful moral majority who swept Bush into office and proceeded to invent a new interpretation of the 1st Amendment.

I refer to Republican politicians most of whom were not religious at all but who began associating themselves with God and the religious right when it became expedient.

I refer to the brave people who hold up signs like “God Hates Fags” at political rallies and the spineless ones who sympathize with them. And and of course I refer to the gentle Christian flocks across America who only came to hear of the Separation Clause for the first time a few long years ago when ‘Freedom of Religion…’  was twisted into  “…but not freedom from…”

I refer to the people who ignoring 300 years of American History, suddenly began chanting ‘Christian Nation.’

I refer to the uninformed and well-informed who out of personal insecurity, religious confusion and political expedience, blurred the lines in this great democracy between religion and government.

I refer to those shrill and hysterical voices who would when asked to SHUT UP, thrust their morality-powered, religion shields before all the world and cry victim, quote Hitler and claim discrimination and bigotry until they turn purple.

This is not about religion at all. This is about posers and monsters who have sacrificed whatever grace religion had in this country and pimped it for political power.

OFF With Their Heads!

Peace, Cliff

This follows Okelberries final response archived below the fold. Read the rest of this entry »

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Richard Okelberry On Fire!

I made a little visit to Richard Okleberries’ blog, I have been there before, and have always been struck by the top front page claim, “Highest Traffic Month: July 2007 – 455,257 with 3,542,026 visits in 2007”. Those are extremely high numbers for blog with only several dozen posts spread out over about 18 months. hmmm…

While there, I plucked a couple of quotes for entertainment purposes. This is why I love the permanency of blogging. I applaud Richard for leaving it up.

Richard on Idiots and Peace:

When I see someone with a “Support Our Troops: Bring Them Home” or “US out UN in” sign in their yard, I can’t help think to myself, “what a total idiot.” – Richard Okleberry, March 2006

Richard on Morality based preemptive war:

However, we must not shy away from using our military to enforce international moral standards when necessary. I hope the next time you see an idiotic peace sign in someone’s yard that you remember one thing. While these people say they are against war they are also telling us what they are for. They are for the shooting of women in the back of the head for simply wanting to learn how to read. They are for midnight abductions and rape houses. They are for the torture and murder of political and religious dissenters. They are for genocide in the form of chemical and biological warfare. Richard Okleberry, March 2006

Richard on Military History:

In reality, the war in Iraq has been one of the most successful military campaigns in US history. When averaging the number of US combat casualties per day we find that the Iraq war is second only to the Revolutionary war for the lowest number of combat fatalities per day. Richard Okelberry – March 2007

Richard on Choosing a President OR “‘picking your Bible Study group:

As for me, I will likely vote for Mitt Romney because of this reason. I am also looking forward to a national discussion about the difference between Mormonism and traditional Christian faiths because bigotry is a product of fear that comes primarily from a lack of understanding and information. – Richard Okleberry – March 2007

That’s all for now folks.



Okelberries Exposed!

For the record:

Richard Okleberry continues to insist that his religious conviction has nothing to do with his politics. Here’s one of many attempts to state that case.

While I had not once in my original post mentioned my religious beliefs Mr. Lyons somehow gleamed that my underlying purpose was to force a religious doctrine on the country by commingling religion and politics. _-Richard Okleberries from this KVNU post.

Not suprisingly, it took about 5 seconds to find this statement on his own blog in a post entitled, Voters Should use Religion to Decide.

In contradiction to this sentiment, I would argue instead that not only is it just for people to use a candidate’s religion as a measure for political office, but it should also be compulsory for anyone trying to make a truly informed decision.

Yes, I have a problem with people who inject their religion into politics. But I have an even bigger problem with people who try to deny it.

Perhaps in the future Richard O, out of respect for our intelligence, you might preface your political commentary with a little bit of honesty.

I think disclaimer like this is sufficient: “I Richard Okelberry, use religion to decide my politics, and you should to.”



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