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Senator Hatch is Lucky SOPA/PIPA Didn’t Pass. Used Image Without Permission.

Michael Jolley took a photo of Orrin Hatch and posted it on Facebook and his Flickr page with a Creative Commons Licence which allows other users to use the photo as long as they give attribution. As you know Senator Hatch has always been a crusader on copyright protection so you would think the Senator would be sensitive on copyright issues. However, Senator Hatch and/or his campaign lifted the image and placed it on both Sentor Hatch’s Flickr page and their campaign website without attribution nor permission from Jolley.

Not only did they lift it but added their own © All rights reserved to a photo they did not own with no attribution.

On Facebook’s Utah Republican Party – Official Group, Michael Jolley took Senator Hatch to task and made the observation that SOPA like laws could cause Hatch to lose his entire website for posting copyrighted materials without permission. Mr Jolly demanded a news conference where Senator Hatch would publicly apologize.  Hatch’s campaign manager, Dave Hansen, gave a terse response basically saying what Hatch did was no big deal because Jolley uploaded the photo to Facebook and tagged the Photo as if this somehow gave the Senator permission to use the photo as he saw fit even claiming “all rights reserved”.

Dave Hansen is a good man but he does not understand copyright law as passed by Senator Hatch. Everything is automatically copyrighted and the fact you put it online or on Facebook does not change that. The law makes no distinction on whether a copyright symbol is added or not.

Dave Hansen on Facebook ~ “Now let me get this straight Michael. You took a picture of the Senator, then tagged it to his facebook account in effect saying “Here is a picture I took of you, without any reference to a copyright, now months later you are whining about “copyright infringment”. You will have a long, cold wait for a press conference of apology. Get a life.”

People have been sued by Righthaven and others for doing the same thing Senator Hatch did. The penalties for copyright infringement can be up to $190,000 per infringement. These draconian laws were not just passed by the Senator but championed by him. He needs to practice what he legislates lest he find himself on the receiving end of these draconian laws.

**images sent by Michael Jolley with permission to post them**

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Mike Lee and The Tea Party Collective

A few short weeks ago, Senator Mike Lee of Utah proclaimed that his balanced budget amendment was the only solution for America’s fiscal problems.  Ultimately, when push came to shove on the matter he was forced to back down. Unfortunately for the nation, his refusal to compromise on a real working solution cost us our perfect credit rating. Tea Party principles and not the best interests of the country were in play until the very end.

The problem for Utah, however, remains. We’ve found ourselves within a void of no-return. We’ve aligned with the forces of Mike Lee without the benefit of a true leader.  Leadership can best be described as making decisions that benefit the most number of people, or making decisions that adversely affect the fewest. The credit downgrade debacle, no matter how you slice it, produced no clear leader within our Senate delegation. Taking a stand at any cost is not leadership.

What’s worse is that Mike Lee’s identity will slowly drift away from the Tea Party Collective and morph into something that defines most politicians — the desire to be re-elected. We see it happening with Senator Hatch this year while he attempts to party with the Tea Partiers.  It’s not about doing what is fashionable or following the trends. It’s about doing the right thing, for the right reasons, every time.

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Senator Hatch Vows to Bring Banksters to Justice!

Via Think Progress. Who knew? Senator Orrin Hatch is “going after” the evil bankers who stole our money. Or he will, sometime after the Republicans have 60 votes in the U.S. Senate. “If we had 60 votes, we could change a lot of things,” he said.

QUESTIONER: Clearly the bankers lied to this end, to get tens of billions of dollars in federal money and then celebrated their fraud by giving large bonuses to themselves. They are literally bank robbers. My question to you is, why are you not calling for their arrest […] and to have them tried and put in jail because of their fraud?

HATCH: Well, I will be calling for it, if we can prove criminal action. I think there are some people who are committing criminal action, no doubt about it. Look I’m not happy with this Wall Street bill […] it’s just another way of controlling our lives. Do you wanna know what’s good about it? Nothing. Wanna know what’s bad about it? Everything. […]

QUESTIONER: Senator, I have a follow-up question. I don’t think you get it, sir. We’re angry at the bankers, I don’t want to hear all this about the government, and the difficulty. It’s the criminal activity of the bankers that is destroying our economy, and the world economy, and if you could just stand up to them? […]

HATCH: […] If they commit crimes, they oughta go to jail. We are going after that. I’m a member of the Judiciary Committee, I am going after them!

That’s the kind of strong personal commitment to justice that we all want to see in our elected representatives. Go get ’em!

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Need healthcare? Get a divorce

According to KSL, Senator Orrin Hatch is calling the present health care bill a “potential disaster”. Of course, our present healthcare system is not a potential disaster. There’s nothing potential about it. It’s a full-on disaster for many people.

The couple in this video made too much money to qualify for assistance with their daughter. After losing their home and suffering a bankruptcy due to medical bills, they finally resorted to divorce in order to get the care needed.

I’d say the current healthcare disaster has fully lived up to its potential, Senator Hatch. This is just wrong.

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