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Sexuality, Ethics and the Online World

I feel like I should have something thoughtful to say about the scandal-ette with Anthonly Weiner and online sex.  Not so much on that front – I find the whole affair a pitiful display of prudery and pearl-clutching hypocrisy, a pathetic sideshow of media generated sturm and drang that is in the end utterly meaningless.  I know it’s a tad old fashioned but seriously?  I’m sick to death of a media that is blinded by it’s own Heathering personalities, incapable of figuring out the difference between the parties, terrified of reporting facts, and incapable of doing actual research, a media so incompetent it actually thinks that politicians having sex with people they aren’t married to somehow constitutes news but cannot manage to accurately report on the debate over health care or the budget or taxes, that treats campaigns as beauty pageants and yet cannot treat the Palins as anything other than pathetic publicity whores, hanging on the Wasilla Whackjob’s every word as if it is a pronouncement from on high.

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