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Pandora’s Frolicking Contraception-Fueled Demons (a.k.a. Why Do a Bunch of Celibate Men in Robes Care About Contraception?)

Besides writing my favorite line of the week (which I stole for my title), Sara Robinson’s article at AlterNet is noteworthy for its insights into the battle over contraception.

But the third one is the silent one, the one that I’ve never seen come up on anybody’s list of Innovations That Changed The World, but matters perhaps more deeply than any of the more obvious things that usually come to mind. And that’s the mass availability of nearly 100% effective contraception. Far from being a mere 500-year event, we may have to go back to the invention of the wheel or the discovery of fire to find something that’s so completely disruptive to the way humans have lived for the entire duration of our remembered history.

I’m thinking she’s not overselling the significance of affordable, reliable contraception. Read the rest of this entry »

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