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Breaking! Sutherland Institute has a Huge Closet

…and somewhere in the back, next to a witch and a lion, is Paul Mero.

In news that will shock almost no thinking person with even a tenuous grasp on human behavior, a study finds that

(h)omophobia is more pronounced in individuals with an unacknowledged attraction to the same sex and who grew up with authoritarian parents who forbade such desires.

Do tell? I believe I recognize the lead researchers name from his ground breaking study that proved water is in fact wet. I hear he is leading a team to discover whether or not bears shit in the woods…

Shockingly, homophobic conservatives are coming out of the closets wallpaper to denounce the study. One such self loather, Brent Bozell, starts his defense of homophobia by pointing out that science has also shown that the right has a distrust of science and fact. He distrusts this study. From there he disputes the science (that he totally doesn’t distrust!) that shows that conservative opinions are more appealing to people with lower intellect. Besides those scientists are all nerds.

Bozell, who is famous for saying Obama looked like a “skinny, ghetto crackhead”, is also not a racist.

Hearing this, I immediately thought of one of our own favorite OneUtah commenters, Paul Mero. For those who forgot, Paul argued that gays don’t deserve any “special rights” because “being gay is a choice.” (Ignore the special rights of the churches! Religion isn’t a choice! This is a christian nation!) When I asked him when he decided to be straight, his reply was “each and every day.”

I will let the slower among you work that out for a bit. Don’t get distracted by Faux News! Wait! Concentrate! Look, keys!

…damn, lost ’em.

The only question remaining is just how big the closet had to be for the general conference…

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