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Kennecott to Dump Millions of Gallons of Selenium Waste Water in Great Salt Lake

The State of Utah and Kennecott are moving much quicker than we thought to implement their plans to dump millions of gallons of selenium contaminated water into the middle of Great Salt Lake via a 21 mile pipeline. An Information meeting (Dog and Pony Show) will be held Monday evening (most appropriately I think) at the State Library for the Blind!

Steve Erickson of the Citizen’s Education Project talked to the Water Resources guy who is in charge of the project and he told Steve that the pipeline is already under construction! Steve also tells me that they have no permits to proceed with anything but drawings.

This is, of course, almost identical to the process the Utah State Division of Transportation employed to jump start the Legacy Highway. That was a mistake – perhaps this is as well. What kind of presence can we generate between now and Monday? I note that “the public is invited to comment on the proposal.” If they follow the same scenario that UDOT did this meeting may be designed to convince the public that “this is a done deal and there is no point in trying to fight it.” If so, it is a lie!

If the selenium content is as minuscule and harmless as they say it is then how come they are constructing a multimillion dollar pipeline out to the middle of the lake to get rid of it? How stupid do they think we are? Selenium is known to accumulate in living organisms. What about the contamination of millions of birds and brine shrimp?

Kennecott created this problem by failing to properly line their tailing ponds – they should clean it up entirely no matter what the cost. They are liable. Somehow we have got to alert the environmental community of this threat. Any suggestions that you have would be deeply appreciated

Action Alert:

Jordan Valley Water Conservancy District UPDES Permit to Discharge to Great Salt Lake: The public is invited to comment on the proposal of the JVWD to discharge byproduct (including selenium) from the reverse osmosis treatment plant directly into Gilbert Bay of the GSL. This permit is part of the larger project currently underway to clean up groundwater contaminated by Kennecott mining. The Utah Division of Water Quality will review and rule on the plan to discharge this “byproduct” water via a 21-mile long pipeline now under construction from the treatment plant in West Jordan to the Lake. A public information meeting will be held March 22 from 5:00 to 7:30 at the State Library, 250 N. 1950 W. Room 227. The permit will be available for public review.

Gerald M. McDonough

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