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All Hell Broke Loose Near Boston Last Night

Trying to catch up on the news this morning and it’s not easy.

I’m sorting through information and there’s a lot of it.  I’ll trust DailyKos for the summary:

  • Late Thursday night, the two suspects robbed a 7-11 near the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and then shot and killed an MIT police officer.
  • The suspects then carjacked a vehicle (driver was released) and when confronted by police, a gun battle ensued, with the suspects throwing explosive devices out the car windows, including a pressure cooker device. (Police continue with efforts to disarm some of those explosives.)
  • The man identified as “suspect number one” during Thursday’s FBI press conference is shot and killed by police. He had multiple gunshot wounds, blast injuries and had an IED strapped to his chest. “Suspect number two” eluded capture.
  • The suspect still on the run has been identified as 19-year old Dzhokhar A. Tsarnaev and the dead suspect as his 20-year old brother (no name given). They are said to be either Turkish or Chechen refugees who are/were legal, permanent residents.


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This is What Occupy Wall Street (OWS) Wants and We Want it NOW!

I want to think this is a broadly acceptable message everyone can agree upon. Lets occupy our democracy.

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America’s Police Forces are Behaving Shamefully (UC Davis Pepper Spray)

The story out of UC Davis should offend every American – police officers pepper spraying peaceful protestors from point blank range.  The higher ups who are ordering these actions should be removed from office forthwith.  The officers engaging in the behavior should be disciplined.

I have the US Constitution on my side – that’s the only permit I need to peacefully protest.  It’s the only permit to peacefully protest any American needs.  The police need to stop attacking on our civil liberties.

UPDATE:  HuffPo has fairly extensive coverage including video.

Updated: Chancellor of UC Davis Statement :New Brutal Police Pepper Spray Peaceful UC Davis Students

Police Pepper Spray Passive UC Davis Students

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Court Orders Occupiers Must Be Allowed to Re-enter Zuccotti Park With Their Belongings

One would expect the nation’s most rapid defenders of the Constitution (Teabaggers) would be up in arms over the gross violations of the right to petition. But I guess original intent depends…

As NYC Mayor Michael Bloomber began his 8 a.m. press conference today, as he was explaining to everyone how “No right is absolute,” he learned of a 6 a.m. ruling ordering that the protesters from Zuccotti Park be allowed to return along with their belongings. Crooks and Liars

November 17th - National Call to Action

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Updated: Breaking Mousavi Arrested: Rafsanjani Resigns, Iranian Police Fleeing from Demonstrators

This post is currently on the DailyKos recommended Diaries. Thought you should know, there is a coup happening in Iran.

Update V: I’ve lost my translator (Payman) for the night. He promised a birthday dinner to a Bosnian friend. We’ll be back at it very early tomorrow. People are finding ‘other’ ways to get the news out, so we hope to have more news by morning.

Update IV:

Link: A committee of respected Ayatollahs (the spiritual fighters) have requested that the election be invalidated for the purpose of restoring the people’s trust in the Islamic Republic. “We request the people to stay calm and not to provoke the government agents.”

Pyknet: Mousavi has been place under house arrest. He was arrested on his way to Khamenei’s house. All communication has been shut off. Khamenei has issued a statement claiming that HE that he is leading this coup to SAVE the Islamic Government (Nezam)

Update: Sianat az ara (Protectors of Votes) Iran’ Election Commission, have called the result fraud and are calling for new election. They pointed to the suspension of text messaging Thursday night and the disruption of phone service for the campaigns and pthers, and ballot shortages. Sianat az ara is a group of election monitors chosen by the four candidates. Ahmadinejad campaign is rejecting the claim of fraud and dismissed the committee as pro-Mousavi.

It is almost 9:30pm in Iran. In the north (rich part) of Tehran, the curfew is being ignored.

Photos here. Mo’ pix here. is reporting; Translation –

Rafsanjani has resigned all duties in protest to Supreme Leader Khamenei’s endorsement of Ahmadinejad as winner of yesterday’s election.

This article from Forbes on Thursday provides recent background on Rafsanjani’s case.

Rafsanjani, known in many circles as the Godfather, responded in kind with an open letter to the supreme leader demanding punishment for the aggression. That was perhaps the fuel on the fire for the streets. The anti-Ahmadinejad protesters felt more secure and confident after the division among the ruling elite became public and the streets went wild with human chains and slogans demanding Ahmadinejad’s resignation.

****** First Diary from this morning ***** Just uploaded to YouTube, this video shows Iranian police and Revolutionary Guards (Bassiji) CLEARLY running away from the protesters. From a video from a popular independent Iranian website

Cliff here reporting for famous (around here :)) Iranian exile and writer Payman here in Salt Lake City. The title of the video is “Demonstrators Election Announcement.”

The guy in the white shirt in the center of the frame at 7 seconds in is ‘plain clothes guard.’

We will continue to post video from ‘the inside’ as they come up.

American news outlets such as NBC are reporting that the police are keeping things under control, but we are hearing and seeing otherwise. Iranians expect Khamenei will begin rounding up the more visible activist but also current public officials who did not support Ahmadinejad.

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Why Are Republicans Trying to Tear Down America?

Update: COINTELPRO Comes to My Town: My First-Hand Experience With Government Spies

I had to confirm my certainty that this happened under a Republican Governor. And of course it did; “…police surveillance of anti-war and anti-death penalty activists while Republican Bob Ehrlrich was governor.” You can see the current Democratic Governor’s statement here.

ACLU of Maryland Lawsuit Uncovers Maryland State Police Spying Against Peace and Anti-Death Penalty Groups (7/17/2008)


BALTIMORE – The American Civil Liberties Union of Maryland today made public what it called “shocking” documents obtained through a Maryland Public Information Act (MPIA) lawsuit, revealing that the Maryland State Police (MSP) engaged in covert surveillance of local peace and anti-death penalty groups for over a year from 2005-2006. The organization expressed alarm at the incomprehensible spying revealed in 43 pages of summaries and computer logs, none of which refer to criminal or even potentially criminal acts, other than a few isolated references to plans for completely nonviolent civil disobedience.

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