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Jaw Dropping Poll Numbers on the Shutdown

And they’re all bad news for Republicans:

Republicans have somehow managed to make government more popular. Without the shutdown, they might’ve focused on Obamacare implementation problems and the absurd cost of the Canadian-built non-working federal exchanges website. That shit pisses even me off. But nope. By acting like total dicks, Republicans have reminded the public about the benefits of having a functional government.

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Poll Shows Zero Percent of African-Americans Planning to Vote for Romney

Wow.  Seriously, Wow.

And of course the usual caveats – it’s just this poll, that doesn’t mean no African Amerians will vote for him, but wow.

“The numbers came from a statistically significant sample of more than 100 African-American voters out of 1,000 total voters in the poll,” NBC News senior political editor Mark Murray told Lean Forward. “Given the sample size of these African-American respondents, the margin of error is well within the 95 percent-5 percent split with which Obama won this group in 2008. ”

In other words, none of the roughly 110 black respondents to this poll said they would support Romney. The poll should not be taken to mean that Romney has no African American supporters at all.  However, at the very most, he has far fewer than Obama.



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