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Kindle me, darling!

After much product research (okay that not much, it’s a small market) I decided to invest in Amazon’s Kindle 2. I’d heard pretty good things about the Kindle, I knew the folks at Amazon were working on an upgrade, I’d checked out what was being said about the other eBook readers and noted that B&N no longer sells eBooks at all. Amazon, however, has some quarter million titles available as Kindle editions. I made a list of books I wanted to buy and checked it out and of my list (which included some rather obscure titles) 75% were available as Kindle editions. It’s not uncommon for me to read two to three books in a week, to reread a book, to reread portions of books looking for themes or ideas. I don’t often part with my books. I looked around my house at the hundreds of books and realized something had to give.

My Kindle2 arrived shortly thereafter. Read the rest of this entry »


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