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Politicians, sex and interns

There’s an episode of the Firefly in which a character says “That’s the advantage of not being puritanical about sex. You don’t have to feel embarrassed afterwards.”

Sam Adams, Portland, Oregon’s new mayor has at long last come clean about a scandal that threatened his mayoral campaign – allegations that he had an affair with a teenage intern.

Adams’ version of events goes something like this: The two met when the teen in question was 17. The had a sexual relationship but not until after the youth turned 18. Adams was, at the time, 42 years old.

During the election, charges about the relationship emerged and Adams smacked them down – hard, including drafting an open letter to the people of Portland denying the relationship ever happened, saying he and the young man had a “mentoring” relationship. Now, he’s come clean about the relationship.

Chuck Currie, UCC Minister and Portland resident:
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