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Some thoughts on education

This morning, I found myself reflecting on an experience I had in graduate school.

The school hired a new finance professor. His resume was, as they say, gold-plated. On paper he looked excellent, a truly stellar professor. He arrived and almost immediately it became apparent there were problems. His command of the English language was less than marginal. His teaching style was ineffective, unresponsive, and sub-standard. In the course of a 90 minute class he would fill six white boards – three to four feet tall and about twelve fee long – with a series of impenetrable equations while lecturing (his back to the class the entire time) in a mixture of English and Hebrew. When asked questions his answer was – almost without exception – “It will become clear.” As a group, we lodged a series of increasingly vociferous complaints. During several of his classes, other faculty members positioned themselves to be able to listen in and watch unobtrusively. They were so shocked by his poor teaching that the school issued a directive to this professor: No student in his class could be given a grade lower than a B no matter what (it is all but inconceivable I could have passed otherwise). The next year, what amounted to a “catch up” class was offered under another name. While lecturing in that class, the professor admitted that her class was essentially a remedial finance class to catch us up to where the other professor should have gotten us. Read the rest of this entry »


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