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Has Obama Caved to Wall Street?

Especially for Ken and anyone suffering from the wishful thinking that we liberals are obedient, loyal followers like Bushies. Surprise surprise, we Democrats are as critical of Democrats as they are of scum sucking war criminals, liars, chimps, and their handlers on the other side of the aisle.

We are rebuilding the same edifice. We are re-establishing the primacy of the same companies. We are still building in a too-big-to-fail structure so that so that we as taxpayers will be guarantors of companies that when they get into trouble again, we will bail them out. None of this is being confronted by the administration as they, and we through our tax dollars, resuscitate a broken system – Spitzer interview below.

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For those of you who still question the premise that liberals/Democrats are equal opportunity critics, just go visit ANY of the bastions of deep, intellectual, progressive thought and action. Viewed objectively (impossible for authoritarian follows) these sites actually reflect near perfect objectivity.

Huffington Post, Daily Kos, FiredoglakeAmericablog, Andrew Sullivan, Truthdig, Think Progress, Rolling Stone just to name a few.

As children, well into adulthood and sometimes throughout life (the twenty percenters) we think everybody thinks like us. This Darwinian trait is over expressed in the conservative mind and most recently, largely responsible for the circular firing squad on the right.

According to science, the authoritarian mind views others first in terms of tribal identification as measured by loyalty.  Those who agree with me vs those who don’t.  That’s why the Republican party is purging itself.  Disagreement with the party line means exile while in the Democratic party you have the ‘Big Tent’ thing.

This fact is well illustrated among politicos like Mitt Romney, John McCain, Steele, even Spectre whose position change with the prevailing wind.  What we are seeing today is confusion about where the wind is coming from for a community that needs a helmsman, a leader to follow.

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