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Except for Rush Limbaugh, ALL the Top Republicans Shills Have Broken Ranks With Mittens Rmoney

We are witnessing the end-days of the GOP. R.I.P.

The question becomes, who will win the final battle; the racist Religious extremists, the racist Tea Baggers or the tired old-guard racist Republicans?

Stay tuned…

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The Literal Trash of September 12th, 2009. Must See~

The Literal Trash of September 12th, 2009

After using Publicly Funded Transportation and Publicly Funded Roads to get to the Publicly Funded sidewalks to walk to the Publicly Funded Parks, at the end of their protest, what did these haters of Government Interference do ?


Amateurs! Anyone who owns their civic responsibility, cleans up after themselves. These people are obviously the entitled type.

Lots more here.

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