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Pandora’s Frolicking Contraception-Fueled Demons (a.k.a. Why Do a Bunch of Celibate Men in Robes Care About Contraception?)

Besides writing my favorite line of the week (which I stole for my title), Sara Robinson’s article at AlterNet is noteworthy for its insights into the battle over contraception.

But the third one is the silent one, the one that I’ve never seen come up on anybody’s list of Innovations That Changed The World, but matters perhaps more deeply than any of the more obvious things that usually come to mind. And that’s the mass availability of nearly 100% effective contraception. Far from being a mere 500-year event, we may have to go back to the invention of the wheel or the discovery of fire to find something that’s so completely disruptive to the way humans have lived for the entire duration of our remembered history.

I’m thinking she’s not overselling the significance of affordable, reliable contraception. Read the rest of this entry »

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Mike Lee Full of Non-Answers: Live-blogging the Granato Lee KUED Debate

Mike Lee wants to leave health care reform up to the states.  Really? How exactly would THAT work?  I assume he would leave it to the free market.  In other words, he would do nothing.

When Mike Lee was asked about heath care, all simply repeated the States Rights meme.  I’m sure Carl Wimmer was cheering. Whats a freaking useless answer.

Would Mike Lee have each state do their own thing?  What would that mean if I had an emergency in Tennessee?  What if I moved to Arizona to help patrol the border?  Would my Utah plan provide reciprocity?  Sounds like REALLY BIG government to me.  A bunch of REALLY BIG little ones.

Hell, whats the point of a union if you have to think about it every time you cross into another state?

At least Granato answered the question clearly.

Mike Lee is the slimiest kind of politicians and thousands of Utahns will vote for him simply because he repeats the Tea party memes.  Mike Lee is NOT for Utah,  Mike Lee is for Mike Lee.

Link to KUED

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Limitations of “School Choice”

Solving the problems facing public school systems is oddly complex.  The vast majority of public schools perform well; some of them perform exceedingly well; a minority of schools consistently underperform – chances are good if you are poor, black or latino you attend one of those schools.  The notion of “school choice” originated with Milton Friedman and has found favor among a wide array of people, but most especially social conservatives who seek to move resources out of public school systems and into private schools.  These same social conservatives tout the benefits of private schools as if they are the solution for troubled public schools – often acting as if the public school system is beyond repair, ignoring its successes while deliberately inflating the viability of voucher programs.

In response, many public school systems have created school choice programs within cities or districts (Salt Lake School District has a “choice” program).  Read the rest of this entry »

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