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Swiftboating Healthcare Reform

It continues to boggle the mind that the Republicans simply can’t get their act together and start contributing to solving the serious problems facing our country. While Barack Obama tackles healthcare reform, the Republican party is AWOL, and instead has allowed the old Swiftboater crowd (henceforth to be called, as Rachel Maddow refers to them, “the Swiftboard veterans for unaffordable insurance”) to step in and take the lead in opposing anything the president opposes. And stunningly. the spokesman for the group adds an even more sinister face for conservatives than the one we already have with Limbaugh/Cheney/Gingrich et al. The spokesman and bankroller of the effort is Rick Scott, a former business partner of GW Bush, and most notoriously known for his involvement in “the biggest healthcare fraud scandal in American history.”

In 1997 Rick Scott was forced out as head of the biggest hospital chain in the country [Columbia HCA]. . . Scott’s company ended up getting totally nailed for Medicare and Medicaid fraud . . . paid the largest fine ever paid to the government . . . $1.7 billion.

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Americans want healthcare reform. Actually, Americans want healthcare period, and a huge percentage of us do not have that right now. Obama is tackling one of the biggest and longest-standing problems our country has faced, while Republicans sit on the sidelines ready to uphold their new reputation as the party of NO. At this point, aren’t even diehard Republicans getting weary of this?

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