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While Rome Burns, Republicans Worried About Pimples

Robert L. Borosage is maybe the smartest living man I know.

He is certainly a great writer and laways right.

From: Will Everyone Grab a Bucket? This Thing is Sinking

G-20 conferences have generally been for show. The stakes are real this time – and the odds going in are against the president in gaining the bold action needed. And once more he’ll be out there virtually on his own, taking on the real deal in stark contrast with his opposition here at home. The conservative claque is ranting about socialism. Blue dog Democrats like Sen. Kent Conrad are mobilizing to defend agribusiness subsidies, while the Republican leaders simply don’t get it. Rep. John Boehner, the perpetually tanned House minority leader, last week called for a freeze on all spending over the next year, something like putting a pillow over the mouth of someone suffocating to death. And Sen. John McCain, the party’s nominee, woke to deliver one of his dyspeptic lectures against earmarks; the patient is hemorrhaging blood, but the Senator is worried about the pimples on his face.


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