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Social Conservatives Tell Churches SHUT UP!

For those of you who have suffered through what I shall refer to as “Schooling Church Boy”, you know that I called out Richard Okelberry for his dangerous and ignorant, but earnest and well-written, editorial on Obama’s response to the question the Saddleback Church about when a fetus should have human rights.

Obama’s answer was perfect; “It’s beyond my pay grade.”

I believe this was and is the only appropriate response for any office holder in American government. That answer demonstrates a perfect fealty to the The Founders intent as well as a clear understanding of the responsibility of a political leader to a pluralistic constituency.

Richard saw it differently. Initially, he attempted to deny the primacy of his religion in his perspective having meticulously avoided any religious reference in article. But it didn’t take long for church boy to throw off this ruse and begin blathering on about his religion and doctrinal problems with reproductive rights.

After two days of banter, Richard has finally, I think, achieved some clarity and graciously agreed to move beyond his obsession with the unborn and is moving toward a discussion, I hope, about the propriety of religion in politics.

My basic premise is that one as an American voter, one SHOULD check his/her religion/faith at the door and that religions and churches should stay the hell out of politics, especially now that we have seen how very destructive has been the religious pandering of the Bush/Cheney/Rove administration.

I agree completely with major shift toward this point of view by social conservatives as reflected in the recent poll discussed below.

Poll: Slim Backing For Keeping Politics, Religion Apart
All Things Considered, August 21, 2008

Listen Now [4 min 30 sec]

A new poll from the Pew Research Center has found a slim majority that says religious institutions should not speak out on political and social issues. The data are a shift from polls conducted over the past decade. Andrew Kohut, president of the Pew Research Center, says all of the change has been among political conservatives.

Study: Conservatives Grow Wary Of Mixing Religion, Politics

Fifty percent of conservatives think churches and other places of worship should stay out of social and political matters, up from 30 percent four years ago…



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