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One More Correction for Paul Rolly

I was embarrased, to say the least, to get a phone call from Ed Firmage today telling me about the Paul Rolly column (permalink) in which I am accused of ripping off a website. It is particulary ironic given that Paul’s column today contained no less than three corrections.

Now he’s got one more to make.


Nobody ripped off anything. You want a web site? Pick a theme. We’ll start from there. The web site was clearly a work in progress – “under construction” if you will – and NOT for public consumption. (Somebody obviously sent Rolly an e-mail with a link that was not meant for him.) Note the screen shot of the draft web site. What exactly was ripped off anyway? The contribution limits? The red? The blue maybe?

The engine called CivicSpace is in the public domain. There are hundreds of themes for it.
Screen Shot of a site under contructionMost web sites are based on existing themes and modified from there,

certainly most campaign websites. This one is no exception. Perhaps Mr. Herrera was unaware of that.

My mistake for not putting it on a “development server” where Rolly couldn’t find it.

My mistake for not adding a level of complexity to a colaborative effort by well-intentioned volunteers.

But are we to believe that as the column states, “Herrera says someone from Utah e-mailed him a link to the site,” and that he was “livid?”

You must be kidding?

What do you suppose the chances are that while Sim hadn’t even seen it yet, that Joe public from Utah found it, AND figured out that it vaguely resembled a non-candidate web site from California that never went live AND knew Herrera well enough to care to send him the link, AND that Herrera called Rolly?

Let the masterful story telling begin.

The column also says the “Web site [was] created for Manuel Herrera, who was running for mayor of San Jose, Calif., until he withdrew recently.”

According to this article dated Feb 7, Herrera was one of 6 candidates “vying” for a June 6th primary. According the April issue of this newsletter Herrera had already dropped out. (4 months ago)

Since that newsletter mentions future events as early as March 21st, I’m guessing the candidate dropped out prior to then, long before the primary, and certainly not “recently” as measured by the length of time his “toe” was “in the water.” (less than 2 months)

According to the Santa Clara County Clerk, he filed no financial disclosures.

The web site was a work in progress under a domain name I went ahead and bought so no one else would get it, like they did (update: was subsequesntly surrendered to the Gill campaign) (why don’t you investigate THAT?). It is not mentioned on any material associated in with Sim’s campaign. It was simply a volunteer effort, and a labor of love that was delayed pending other priorities like raising $10,000 for ActBlue-Utah (a real story) WHICH, I’m pleased to say, is days away from going live.

Paul my friend, you’ve got my number. You’ve dialed it before. Why didn’t you just call me?



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