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Cheney sucks up to Scooter Libby

libby-miers-cheney1Dick ‘Dick’ Cheney is making a point to let everyone know, particularly Scooter Libby, that he (Cheney) disagrees with Bush’s decision not to pardon Scooter. Why say anything now when it’s no longer an issue? Chris Matthews has a very plausible take on it. Scooter knows first-hand the behind-closed-doors story about how a stratagem was contrived to get us into war in Iraq. As they say, Scooter knows where the bodies are buried. A Scooter Libby who needs to make a living might very well write a book since he cannot practice law without a pardon. Cheney has reason to worry about what Scooter might tell, and he wants to be sure Scooter knows his old boss tried to get him pardoned. It’s classic CYA. Cheney has no power over Scooter and he knows it.

The article linked above from Fox News suggests a theory why Bush refused to pardon Libby (though he did commute the sentence). From The Weekly Standard: “There are some indications that he [Bush] believes Libby was guilty.”

Go ahead and ponder on that a bit. One might ask if Cheney and Scooter know the truth, why doesn’t Bush? And this is from Bush-loyal TWS? One gets the impression Bush really was the Boy in the Bubble.

So how far will Scooter’s loyalty to Cheney go? Will he finally be fed up with being the scapegoat–the only one to pay a personal price? A huge price at that. This is just a glimmer of a story to keep an eye on in the future.



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