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Karl Rove: Almost NO Friends Left

Accept the ones that will hang if he talks. Thats how the Republicans are. They suck up to the guy in power, in the moment…and bail at the first sign of trouble. We are presently witnessing the desertion of Bush. But where ever will they run now? Certainly not McCain.

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Artur Davis, Scott McClellan throws Karl Rove under the bus.
Artur Davis, Congressman from Birmingham, Tuscaloosa and Selma, is a rising star. He was the best questioner in the Justice Committee hearing with Scot McClellan. C-Span has been playing it twice a day since. It well worth several viewings.

Leaves you with a dark feeling about a hanging in the air.

PS: If anyone can find the entire segment with Artur Davis, please let me know. Its “special.”

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Another Bushie Gets Religion: McClellan

While I am pleased former White House press secretary Scott McClellan has published enough “juicy” to sell a shit-load of books. But I’m not buying his justification.

On the recent C-Span appearance, explained why he did it by describing the strong public service values instilled in him by his family. Later, he said retrospectively, he wished he had spoken up earlier and resigned in protest.

That really tugged at my heart strings…until another caller accused him of being complicit to which he repeated the new McClellan party line about having not fully appreciated (figured out) what was going on until after he left.

So which is it? Did he know and not speak out, or did he really not notice that he was the head spokesman of a Soviet style propaganda machine in which lying, deception, cover up, secrecy and all kinds of crime has become the rule?

After a lifetime of solid training in the Country-First American values of truth, transparency and public service, does McClellan actually expect us to believe that somehow he missed the fact that he was fronting for a bunch of subversive traitors?

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Makes me wanna puke. Its really obvious to me, the guy figured out that if he didn’t come clean now, his career in politics would be over. We’ll see.

Unless he’s a complete buffoon, he knew about and perpetuated a whole slew of other lies too and should hang with the rest.

Oh yeah. When asked, he promised some of the proceeds from the book would go to help survivor Iraqi families destroyed by the illegal war of choice (but he had to check with his wife on the percentage).

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