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Sean Bell: Death By Many Handguns

I’ve heard quite a bit lately, “guns don’t kill, people do.”sean_bell_family_photo.jpg

This is of course just one example of the completely corrupt, pathetic logic used by the pro-killer device crowd.  You know, the ones who spend their days trying to explain why they need to own and carry a pocket-sized murder weapon.

Ok, so lets say people kill.  Why did an innocent unarmed (Sean Bell) man get 50 bullets pumped into him?

I’ll tell you why; because he was black and presumed to be carrying a gun.  I’m not suggesting the cops are innocent when I say this but…

Given the number of handguns out there, and the ease with which you can get one, if I were a cop these days, I’d be scared shitless.  I’d be shootin’ first askin’ later too!

GUNS don’t really kill people, but LOTS of guns definetly do.


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