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Mike Lee Full of Non-Answers: Live-blogging the Granato Lee KUED Debate

Mike Lee wants to leave health care reform up to the states.  Really? How exactly would THAT work?  I assume he would leave it to the free market.  In other words, he would do nothing.

When Mike Lee was asked about heath care, all simply repeated the States Rights meme.  I’m sure Carl Wimmer was cheering. Whats a freaking useless answer.

Would Mike Lee have each state do their own thing?  What would that mean if I had an emergency in Tennessee?  What if I moved to Arizona to help patrol the border?  Would my Utah plan provide reciprocity?  Sounds like REALLY BIG government to me.  A bunch of REALLY BIG little ones.

Hell, whats the point of a union if you have to think about it every time you cross into another state?

At least Granato answered the question clearly.

Mike Lee is the slimiest kind of politicians and thousands of Utahns will vote for him simply because he repeats the Tea party memes.  Mike Lee is NOT for Utah,  Mike Lee is for Mike Lee.

Link to KUED

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Senator Kennedy of New York?

I’ve heard this suggestion mentioned on a couple of talk shows and from this online report by Andrea Mitchell:

New York State Democratic Party sources tell NBC News that Caroline Kennedy has expressed interest in the New York Senate seat being vacated by Hillary Clinton.

She is known to have discussed the upcoming vacancy with New York Gov. David Paterson, who will be appointing the next senator to serve the remaining two years in Clinton’s term once she becomes Secretary of State.

I have long admired Caroline Kennedy. She is clearly an intelligent, educated, well-read woman whose life has been immersed in the political world. Though she has shyly remained away from the public spotlight for most of her life, she played an active and highly visible role in the Obama campaign.

It may be time for us to hear from another Kennedy voice, a young female voice. I am thrilled at this prospect.

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FINAL: Oregon Sen. Gordon Smith (R) is out, Jeff Merkley (D) In

It’s not the filibuster-proof 60, but it’s awfully close.

Associated Press:

PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — Democrat Jeff Merkley has ousted Republican Sen. Gordon Smith, a victory once considered unlikely against an incumbent who had highlighted his efforts to work across the aisle in hopes of surviving a wave of anti-GOP sentiment.

Smith’s loss — the first for an incumbent Oregon senator in 40 years — means Democrats are poised to have at least 57 votes in the Senate next year. He had been the last GOP senator standing in the three Pacific Coast states south of Alaska.

Smith is also known to Utahns as a member of the LDS Church.

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Could Alaskans Elect a Convicted Felon?

‘There are strange things done in the midnight sun . . .’

The New York Times reports that Alaskan Senator Ted Stevens returned home to a hero’s welcome. Hundreds of supporters cheered while Stevens vowed to appeal his felony convictions and asked voters to re-elect him.

Top Republicans including John McCain and Sarah Palin have called for Stevens to resign.

Mr. Stevens made no reference to those demands on Wednesday, but he spent half of his eight-minute speech criticizing his conviction. He expressed regret but stopped short of apologizing, saying he had been guilty only of naïveté.

Naïveté? Not a word I would choose to describe Stevens.

He accused federal prosecutors of being “willing to do anything to win” and he implied that holding his trial in Washington added to its illegitimacy.

“If I had had a fair trial in Alaska, I would have been acquitted,” he said to cheers.

Yeah, from what we’ve seen so far about the way things are done in Alaska, I don’t doubt he would get a “fair” trial in Alaska. Clearly they do things a little differently in Alaska. Today on MSNBC, Stu Rothenberg of The Rothenberg Political Report was predicting senate races. But when asked whether Stevens could actually be re-elected, Stu said, “I do American politics — that means I don’t do Alaska.”

Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, the Senate Republican leader, was quoted by a newspaper in his home state as saying that “there is a 100 percent certainty” that the senate would vote to expel Mr. Stevens should he win re-election and his appeals fail.

So it’s anybody’s guess, but I have a feeling we haven’t see the last of that mean Mr. Stevens. And haven’t we had our eyes opened to our independent neighbor in the north.

Photo credit: New York Times

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