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Concealed Carry holder delivers justice

Just like they say in the blogosphere, you don’t want to have to use it, but it’s good to have a gun when you need one. I promised to bring gun stories with good outcomes, and here’s one in today’s Trib. I suppose the shooter is lucky the outcome was good and that no innocent bystanders were hit with stray bullets. I wonder how our pro-gun commentors here feel about how this CCP holder exercised his constitutional right. Somehow, I don’t feel safer with people running around attempting to deliver their own brand of justice: judge/jury/executioner.

The story goes (portions edited out):

A concealed weapon carrier foiled two burglars when he caught them exiting his friend’s Midvale apartment, chased them down, and held them at gunpoint until police arrived.

The man and a friend spotted two burglars coming out of the man’s apartment, Salazar said.

The four exchanged words, and one of the intruders pushed the man and fled. The man chased the burglars while his friend — a concealed-carry permit holder — got his gun from his truck.

The man and his friend chased the burglars to Midvale Elementary School, 362 W. Center St. (7800 South). The friend fired twice, but Salazar did not immediately know whether the friend fired at the burglars.

The shots prompted one intruder to stop running, and the man and his friend held him at gunpoint until police arrived.

The friend could face charges for firing his gun, depending on the circumstances, Salazar said.

“If he fired at random just because he didn’t want to chase the guy, the threat wasn’t coming towards him, it was running away from him,” Salazar said. That could lead to a minimum charge of discharging of fire in a city limits, he said.



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