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Health Care in Canada Better Than in the US

Despite the overwhelming evidence that the Canada’s Health Care System is superior to ours (US), a young man named Tyler (“the nightmare that is Canadian Health Care”) and many like him, continue to repeat unsupported generalizations to the contrary which dishonesty can only be explained by greed and self-interest.

There is little point in crafting an original piece on this subject since the existing and voluminous material is more than sufficient, sound, irrefutable and generally accepted without debate.  Hence, I give you one of the many hundreds of such articles reflecting the evidence.

Yes, I know, that headline is going to get a ton of “baloney” responses. Not to mention all the “then go back to Canada” replies from people not interested in really looking at the issue. I’ve heard it all before a million times.

…as someone who has lived under both health care systems for considerable periods of time, it angers me to hear the misinformation and lies that these anti-single payer advocates love to spread about Canada every time the debate about improving American health care arises.

So let’s look at the opinion expressed in the above headline. It’s not just my personal opinion. It’s the opinion of a recent Harvard Medical School study that studied the health care of more than 3000 Canadians and 5000 Americans. It was based on the first-ever health survey carried out jointly by the two nations’ official statistics agencies.

Here are a few paragraphs about the study which was printed in the American Journal of Health in July 2006:

Health Care in Canada Better Than in the US, May 2009

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