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More Gun Lobby Propaganda De-Bunked: Australia Gun Ban Truth or Fantasy?

The NRA together with its more gullible members present a propaganda force as effective as any in these times.

One of their favorite canards is the claim that the murder rate in Australia has gone up since a gun buyback program initiated in 1997.

This claim is not only unfounded based upon the only statistics available, but also irrelevant. Australia claims no constitutional right to own guns and the average Australian citizen has never owned a gun. As a result, it is impossible to correlate any increase or decrease in gun ownership to crime.

What IS true is that armed robberies dropped steadily from 1995 from 28.7% to 14% in 2000.

Of much greater concern to all of us is; how did we get to a point where we allow people to own guns who attempt to argue with a straight face that somehow a country which had 56 gun related murders in 2005, is in any way comparable to the US which over 11,000 gun related murders?

It seems to me these people have no shame
(its little wonder they won’t disclose their identities) and are extremely dangerous and should not be allowed to own guns.

Here’s my source.

Among our species are two types of people. One type is interested in validating group-think by an end result. The other is intellectually curious and more interested in objective, thoughtful examination.

The former unfortunately cannot be embarrassed by being proven wrong because for them, being wrong just means they didn’t try hard enough. They are tenacious even in defeat.

Someday, I will address the claim that England’s gun ban has been the cause of increased crime. But I’ll leave you with a preview. Crime has increased in England. But the claim that this is the result of gun bans is a difficult argument since there are many more powerful factors contributing to crime rates than the more passive influences related to deterrence.

Can any of our Alan Korwin loving, gun lobby freaks name ANY other factors that may influence crime? I won’t hold my breath (ouch).

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