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Mike Lee Is Opposed to Federal Child Labor Laws – Let’s Put the Kiddies to Work!

Seriously.  He said that.  He’s also wrong both about the legality and the history.

Moreover, Lee is simply wrong to claim that child labor magically disappeared after the Supreme Court rendered Congress powerless to prevent it. The reason why exploitative child labor has largely disappeared is because Congress placed very strict limits on child labor when it enacted the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938, and the constitutional cloud over this law was removed three years later when the Court overruled Lee’s pet decision.

He’s also the same man who thinks legislatures not voters should choose US Senators.  And while his election may seem like an argument in favor of voters not choosing our senators, I’m still saying he’s wrong on that count too.

But I have to wonder – do Utah voters really want to return to the constitutional vision he’s talking about?  In which the Federal government can’t tell people it’s illegal to work eight year olds to death in factories?  That we have to give up Social Security?  And Medicare?  Is that what Utahns voted for?


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