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Men and Women in Conversation

I’ve noticed this before but I remain struck by the power of it. Women are socialized to defer to men in conversation. They are socialized to wait till men stop talking and then to offer their opinions and insight. Men are socialized to speak up, to share their views, even to interrupt one another when speaking; yes, I know interrupting is considered rude but men are socialized that it may be okay to interrupt if what you have to say is important or refutes what another person says.

Even among educated professionals, I see this dynamic play itself out.



Carolyn Cain, Utah County Special Ed Teacher and Gun Worshiper Embarrasses Utah

This is why Utah is the laughing stock of the World.

The National Rifle Association countered with “arm the teachers.” Gun clubs claim hundreds of teachers are applying for free weapons training. Two hundred people showed up for a class in West Valley City, Utah, outside Salt Lake City, on December 27, 2012, for example. Not all of the people who took the course were teachers. But some were, including Carolyn Cain, who teaches special education kids in kindergarten to the 6th grade in Utah County, Utah.

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