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Some people should not own guns: A continuing series

I feel sick at heart for all the people involved. This is such a tragic story, but the circumstances are also puzzling. This story offers a bizarre twist in which a loaded gun fires itself. Proof, perhaps, that guns actually can and do kill people.

Of course, in this case, the gun should not have been in the car while still loaded.

I continue to assert that people are cavalier about handling of guns and there is little to protect the rest of us from their carelessness. I do, in fact, believe that some people simply should not own guns. They are not responsible enough to do so.


Random acts of gun violence

The guy wrote in his blog that he hadn’t had a girlfriend since 1984, that 10 million women had rejected him. He wrote of his plan and the date he expected to die. People observed him behaving strangely. And yet, nothing would stop him from walking into a fitness club and killing three women he did not know and wounding nine others, and then taking his own life.

The guy had with him four handguns that he was legally licensed to own and carry. Why did he need these guns? For his own defense? Not according to his blog. He needed them to carry out his revenge against women.

More guns in the hands of disturbed people is not what this country needs. Gun rights fearmongers want us all to think gun control means gun grabbing and they oppose any gun control – any. They don’t recognize that more guns do not make us all safe. They fail to see there need to be better screening processes that might identify potential mass killers. And they fail to even acknowledge that some people should not own guns.

And these tragedies continue to play out week after week.

I know the regular visitors to this blog will assure me that women are safer where there are guns. This week women were less safe.


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