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Utah Senator Steve Urquhart’s (last) News Flash

Hold me back. Steve “Attack Dog” Urquart (Sen UT-R St. George) has decided he is an expert in climate change science.

I’m giving him 24 hours to retract his arrogant, regurgitation of one of the most tired, global warming denier canards before I unleash the truth on OneUtah. And it won’t be pretty.

I am OVER the right-wing parrots and their manipulation of the American people and in tparticular, ALL OF MY fellow Utahns who will suffer at the hands of this lie.

I’ve tried to warn him. I’m not a happy camper these days…am I.

Steve Urguhart – /Ur-gu-hart/- is getting a little heady these days as the Bramble’s “attack dog” and needs to be brought down a notch or too, before he crashes and burns. Here’s just the latest example.



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