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Fox and Friends Hires Dirty Old Man to Comment on ‘Holiday’ Political Correctness/”War on Christmas”

Two of the biggest Douchbags on Fox News (and they are ALL douchbags down to the interns) Gretchen “Cougar” Carlson and her sidekick  Skippy The Douchbag Doocey, stepped in Murdock doggy doo again.

Fox News continued its fight against the so-called “War on Christmas” on Thursday by going straight to the source: Santa Claus.

“In its most absurd defense against the war on Christmas yet, the morning show had Santa Claus himself  stop by on Thursday to explain why he refuses to say “Happy Holidays” instead of “Merry Christmas”.

“Fox and Friends” hosted Santa impersonator Sal Lizard to speak out about “political correctness.” “You’ve been around for a long time doing this,” host Gretchen Carlson asked. “What do you make of the political correctness part of our culture? Have you seen it change over time?”

(h/t ThinkProgress)

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