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The Audacity of Hope (For Utah Republicans)

To punish a fellow Republican lawmaker, Utah Republican legislative leaders alleged that Rep. Steve Mascaro, R-West Jordan, had been hitting on an intern in a most inappropriate manner.

This was punishment for requesting an investigation of Walker, the guy that tried to bribe his opponent in the contest for Utah State Treasurer.

And this ain’t no HBO special either. These guys are REAL and dead serious. This a clear message to everybody in the State of Utah. Unless you are Gail Ruzika, You DO NOT MESS with Republicans at the capitol.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Governor Huntsman had a severed horse heads removed from his sleeping quarters occasionally. If Jon didn’t have the smartest AND most beautiful First Lady on the planet, I’m sure they’d have tried a “Mascaro hit job” when he backed off school vouchers.

The Utah Republican party is falling apart for the same reason really that the its national counterpart is also in self-destruct mode.

Both have had such absolute control for so long and without any ethics oversite and total secrecy, that corruption has become endemic. Its not like you can just decide to change one day. Corruption is the kind of crime that leaves distinctive trails that last forever.

Finally, a GOOD Republican who had the courage to place “civic responsibility” before “individual responsibility” to line your own pocket.

Steve Mascaro, you simply ROCK! I hope your constituents will make you their Moses and follow you to a new Utah, a land where the people govern themselves and honesty thrives.

Sheryl Allen quickly followed Steve in signing the formal complaint which, if pursued, would have been the fourth time in the past 22 years, that Utah Republicans investigated one of their peers.

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