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National Rifle Association (NRA) Continues to Feed Its Readers Demonstrable Lies and Distortions

Thoroughly debunked years ago, the gun lobby’s favorite research – a 1995 study by Gary Kleck and Marc Gertz that reported an astounding 2.5 million defense gun uses (DGU) each year in the United States. Yep, you read it right; 2.5 million DGUs PER YEAR!

The Kleck study claims that 2.5 million times per year, someone uses a gun to defend themselves. That’s more defensive gun uses than happened in WWII in Europe in 1944.  The Kleck study is so flawed the only thing it measures is the wild imagination of gun owners.

As recently as this month, the NRA referenced Kleck’s deeply flawed and thoroughly refuted study AGAIN in their  magazine, America’s 1st Freedom.

Bucky2Gun4250With the help of liars like Alan Korwin and others, the NRA continues to feed its readers demonstrable lies and distortions.

Here, for your reference, is a short list of the many peer reviewed, refereed, academic articles published that clearly refute Kleck’s astronomical claim.*

The ultimate proof the Kleck claim is bullshit, is the fact that despite spending 35 million dollars/year to deceive the public and threaten politicians, in fourteen years since the study, the gun lobby has funded numerous FAILED attempts to repeat Kleck’s study.

*It should be noted that Gary Kleck has refused to defend his study ever since it was published.

Note to readers: OneUtah is a leading publisher of accurate, trustworthy, legal and scientific information about gun rights, guns, violence, gun violence and the psychology of CCP holders. Read more about guns and meet the gun lobby.

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Workplace woes: Hill AFB doesn’t get it yet

I work for one of the best employers in the state, even in the country, one that has won awards for the work environment and benefits it provides for workers. I know I’m very lucky because I’ve also worked in some very bad situations. I took a huge cut in pay when I voluntarily left my former employer. But I had reached a breaking point, and it was worth it to me. That was seven years ago, and I have never looked back.

But not all workers have that option. With a worsening economy and losses in our retirements savings, more are feeling the pressures to remain in situations that are damaging to their mental and sometimes physical health.

For more than two decades, American workers have been pushed to produce more and more, to work longer hours, to take less time off, and to be loyal to the company, all while seeing reductions in pay and benefits. While our European counterparts take a month of vacation—sometimes more, many Americans are not only entitled to fewer days, but are encouraged not to use available time off.

The squeeze has had been taking a toll, and there is probably not enough recognition of how bad it is.

Someone close to me works at Hill AFB, and she suffers from a painful debilitating disease, Rheumatoid Arthritis. When the disease is controlled, she is able to perform her regular duties in aircraft maintenance. But when the disease flares, she suffers severe pain and requires medication and rest from physical labor. Yet her supervisors at Hill pressure her to come to work and not use sick leave that is available to her. She fears being downgraded or losing her job altogether and financial security it provides, and she pushes herself too hard trying to satisfy the demands on her. I have heard her talk many times of the depression she feels because of her job, but I did not realize how widespread the problem was at Hill.

News reports tell us about a tragedy that has been playing out at at HAFB. The suicide rate among HAFB workers is double that of other Utahns, which is also one of the highest in the country. Why? Some blame pressures of the workplace. Read the rest of this entry »

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