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Obama nominates Sotomayor for Supreme Court

sotomayorI know very little about Justice Sonia Sotomayor, but we will certainly be hearing a great deal from the right-wing noise machine in the coming days. They are already calling her an “activist” judge. No surprise. Here’s just a bit of what is in the news today:

Judge Sotomayor has sat for the last 11 years on the federal appeals bench in Manhattan. As the top federal appeals court in the nation’s commercial center, the court is known in particular for its expertise in corporate and securities law. For six years before that, she was a federal district judge in New York.

In what may be her best-known ruling, Judge Sotomayor issued an injunction against major league baseball owners in April 1995, effectively ending a baseball strike of nearly eight months, the longest work stoppage in professional sports history, which had led to the cancellation of the World Series for the first time in 90 years.



BREAKING: ByBee to Become Poster Child for ‘Obama Justice’

Pat Leahy says Bybee should just resign.

If that’s the case, Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.), told reporters Tuesday, then Bybee should resign. “The fact is, the Bush administration and Mr. Bybee did not tell the truth. If the Bush administration and Mr. Bybee had told the truth, he never would have been confirmed,” said Leahy, chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee. The decent and honorable thing for him to do would be to resign. And if he is a decent and honorable person, he will resign,” he said deliberately.

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Most important free speech decision of the term

The Supreme Court will hear a case regarding display of religious monuments, and the case is centered right here in Utah. But you might be surprised at what a group wants to display in a Pleasant Grove park.

The New York Times calls it possibly the most important free speech decision of the term .

Thirty miles to the north, in Salt Lake City, adherents of a religion called Summum gather in a wood and metal pyramid hard by Interstate 15 to meditate on their Seven Aphorisms, fortified by an alcoholic sacramental nectar they produce and surrounded by mummified animals.

In 2003, the president of the Summum church wrote to the mayor here with a proposal: the church wanted to erect a monument inscribed with the Seven Aphorisms in the city park, “similar in size and nature” to the one devoted to the Ten Commandments.

The city declined, a lawsuit followed and a federal appeals court ruled that the First Amendment required the city to display the Summum monument. The Supreme Court on Wednesday will hear arguments in the case, which could produce the most important free speech decision of the term.

The justices will consider whether a public park open to some donations must accept others as well. In cases involving speeches and leaflets, the courts have generally said that public parks are public forums where the government cannot discriminate among speakers on the basis of what they propose to say. The question of how donated objects should be treated is, however, an open one.

I’ll refer you to the article to read more details of the issues. But, of course, there’s the usual quote from a local official discussing our closed culture.

Mr. Daniels said. “We’re looking at, Does it fit with the heritage of the people of this area?”

What think you, OneUtah readers, should the city be required to display the Seven Aphorisms in this case?

Photo credit: New York Times

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