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(update w/ video X2Prop 8: DEVASTATING internal memo from the LDS Church

by hekebolos

(update w/ video X2) Prop 8: DEVASTATING internal memo from the LDS Church

You can see from my previous diaries that I have been all over the issue of Mormon donations to Prop 8.  But just now, something positively devastating just fell into my lap.  And my source says there’s a lot more where this came from.

I have received an internal memo from the Mormon Church dated March 4, 1997.  This memo discusses strategies for what the memo calls "HLM" (gay marriage) in Hawaii and California (I assume that HLM refers to "homosexual legal marriage" but if you have your own preferred acronym, feel free to use it).

Like I said–this memo is devastating.  And it demonstrates that they have been planning this Proposition 8 referendum for more than a decade.

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Above is the first page of this memo. It indicates, as you see, that the Mormon Church had been planning to coordinate with the Catholic Church to defeat “HLM” in Hawaii and California. Below are images of devastating quotes from this memo.

This memo overtly discusses strategy for making sure that “HLM” doesn’t make any more progress than it absolutely has to:

Go there for much more…

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