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Except for Rush Limbaugh, ALL the Top Republicans Shills Have Broken Ranks With Mittens Rmoney

We are witnessing the end-days of the GOP. R.I.P.

The question becomes, who will win the final battle; the racist Religious extremists, the racist Tea Baggers or the tired old-guard racist Republicans?

Stay tuned…

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Racist Tea Baggers Going down, Down, DOWN!!!

Stolen from a post on Democratic Underground.  I think this demonstrates the true nature of the disease called the tea party.

Nothing works better to force a radical out of office than using their own words against them. The right wing is very organized in this area and it has shifted politics in America. I think the left finally has had some wins lately with using public opinion to sway politics. Quite a few Teabaggers have had to resign recently because the general population has demanded they step down. I offer these examples:

Rep. Martin Harty NH said the disabled should be sent to Siberia to freeze and die. RESIGNED after public outrage prompted massive calls, letters and emails.

Carlos Lam, a deputy prosecutor in Ind., sent email encouraging Gov. Scott Walker to fake an attack against himself. RESIGNED

State prosecutor, Jeffrey Cox, tweeted they should use live ammunition on Wisconsin protesters. RESIGNED

Joyce Kaufman, Allen West’s named Chief of Staff, RESIGNED after the backlash to her calls of violence.


I think we should make sure that letters, emails and phone calls continue to be sent to Tea Baggers when they go too far. If you have some suggestions of others who need to hear from us then add their contact info and we can drop them a message. How about this for a start: (google their names and their stories pop right up so you can fact check)

Florida Republican Kathleen Passidomo blamed an 11 year old girl and her family for her rape by 18 males. Here is her contact info:
website/email: the rest of this entry »

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Strong Opinion + Ignorance = Tea Partier

The question has been asked; “Question: Are the Tea Party members A) Dumb or B) Stupid?”

I realize people think I am strange for subscribing to the Tea Party Patriots fan page.  I do it to be informed.  The Talking Heads like to try to explain Tea Baggers (their name for themselves, not mine) using every sort of sophisticated analysis. Tea Baggers are this and Tea Baggers are that.  Tea Baggers are angry.  Tea Baggers are disaffected hard working middle America.  Its all bullshit.

Tea Baggers are IDIOTS.  All you need to do, is read the shit they write. 99% of them can’t name the three branches of government.  Hell!  Two of their candidate, Christine O’Donnell and Sharon Angle didn’t even know about the Separation Claus in the Constitution.

In response to the question posed in the screen shot below; “Who do you want to be in the Republican House Leadership position?” The 3rd and 4th response named Jim DeMint and Mitch McConnell.  NO SHIT! See below.

When Strength of Conviction Exceeds Intelligence

When Strength of Conviction Exceeds Intelligence

While most of our decent, educated and liberal friends will no doubt remind me that we should be nice to the Tea Baggers and try to reason with them, but they would be wrong. Scientific studies have shown that when confronted with the falsity of their own beliefs, the only hold them more tightly.

There’s an old joke that goes something like this: my neighbor went to public schools before joining the military. He went to college on the G.I. Bill, bought his first home through the FHA, and received his health care through the V.A. and Medicare. He now receives Social Security.

He’s a conservative because he wants to get the government off his back. Source

The science says, the best way to get them to STFU is humiliation. Its not pretty but its true.

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