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Except for Rush Limbaugh, ALL the Top Republicans Shills Have Broken Ranks With Mittens Rmoney

We are witnessing the end-days of the GOP. R.I.P.

The question becomes, who will win the final battle; the racist Religious extremists, the racist Tea Baggers or the tired old-guard racist Republicans?

Stay tuned…

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OWS Movement Imported From Spain But Made in America

When the Wall Street banks collapsed under the Bush/Rove/GOP, it sucked the wind out of the industrialized economies and quickly bled out to across the globe.  If you watched anything other than Beck/O’Reily/Hannity et. al. you will remember the first major protests took place in Iceland.

Meanwhile back at home, a suppressed albeit deeply, cherished, American tradition called racism was reignited when Empire Murdock planted the first images of two adorable, little, chocolate-colored girls playing in the Lincoln Bedroom into the collective brains of pasty White America some of whom in turn, strapped guns to their hips and took to the streets in costumes reminiscent our racist forefathers.

God forgive us for being distracted while the rest of the world began to burn.

The OWS movement came to the western world through Spain.  By early 2011, unemployment in Spain was approaching 21% (46% among youth) as the Arab Spring hit Egypt.  On May 15, 2011 a series of protest, coordinated through Twitter and Facebook, unfolded in 58 Spanish cities.

By now you’ve heard of the New York City General Assembly. They began this summer as a series of meetings “on the fourth floor of 16 Beaver Street, near Wall Street. In addition to New Yorkers, there were also Egyptians, Spaniards, Japanese and Greeks.  Dick Army was not among them.

Due to the lack of centralized coordination its hard to know for sure but as this writing there are an estimated 300 OWS protests in the US alone, over 3,000 arrests.  So far, no sign of the tea party.

Here’s the map.

One of the several Salt Lake OWS Facebook page is approaching 9000 members. You will not find a larger Facebook group specific to Utah. Here’s the local website

The biggest camp is at Pioneer Park downtown (map). Here’s a good video Larry found.

If you can’t camp, please at least go there and take them food (there is a full time kitchen) and warm weather supplies


Thanks George W. Bush. Your stumbling incompetence may have changed the world for the better.

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Hobbits PUNK’d! Herman Cain Campaign is Hoax on Republicans (like Carl Wimmer)

Punking the Hobbits

While Herman Cain’s popularity among the most ignorant group of people (Republicans) on the planet (I call them Hobbits), and the rest of us were getting our panties all in a bunch over it, Rachel Maddow figured it outPROOF she is the smartest political pundit in the world.

“But at this point in the campaign no one has figured out that this is not politics. This is art.”

The evidence:

  • Still has no real campaign team, no state offices

    Herman Cain's Campaign is SMOKIN!

  • Claims his 999 plan came from bank teller on Chagrin Blvd in Pepper Pike, Ohio?
  • 999 is also the tax structure of SimCity
  • Sexual harassment settlement dated 9/99
  • Chapter 9 of his book is called “45-A Special Number” (4+5=9)
  • Compared himself to Black Walnut flavored Häagen-Dazs, for it’s ‘staying power,’ doesn’t exist anymore
  • “Koch brother from another mother”
  • Closed first GOP debate with a verse the Pokemon movie theme song
  • The weird smile that follows his campaign managers smoking a cigarette
    ...when a man was a man, a horse was a horse

    ...and a man on a horse was just a man on a horse unless...


  • The ‘He Carried Yellow Flowers’ Campaign video
  • This Stossel punked HARD in this interview on abortion

Who’s been punked so far?

  • Hobbits and Tea Baggers
  • Koch Brothers
  • Fox News
  • Brewski/Rush Limbaugh

Reminds of the Punking Carl Wimmer did on Herriman Hobbits.

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

I can think of a few more:

…to be continued…

Should have known when we saw this.

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Racist Tea Baggers Going down, Down, DOWN!!!

Stolen from a post on Democratic Underground.  I think this demonstrates the true nature of the disease called the tea party.

Nothing works better to force a radical out of office than using their own words against them. The right wing is very organized in this area and it has shifted politics in America. I think the left finally has had some wins lately with using public opinion to sway politics. Quite a few Teabaggers have had to resign recently because the general population has demanded they step down. I offer these examples:

Rep. Martin Harty NH said the disabled should be sent to Siberia to freeze and die. RESIGNED after public outrage prompted massive calls, letters and emails.

Carlos Lam, a deputy prosecutor in Ind., sent email encouraging Gov. Scott Walker to fake an attack against himself. RESIGNED

State prosecutor, Jeffrey Cox, tweeted they should use live ammunition on Wisconsin protesters. RESIGNED

Joyce Kaufman, Allen West’s named Chief of Staff, RESIGNED after the backlash to her calls of violence.


I think we should make sure that letters, emails and phone calls continue to be sent to Tea Baggers when they go too far. If you have some suggestions of others who need to hear from us then add their contact info and we can drop them a message. How about this for a start: (google their names and their stories pop right up so you can fact check)

Florida Republican Kathleen Passidomo blamed an 11 year old girl and her family for her rape by 18 males. Here is her contact info:
website/email: the rest of this entry »

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A Promise to America

A letter to tack to the Tea Party’s temple door for the edification of it’s elders, Jason Chaffetz, Carl Wimmer, Mike Lee, and Orrin Hatch.

First, Orrin, you’re so old that I could run against you as the “youth” candidate. What happened to “two terms and retirement?” What was that you said to Senator Ted Moss as you did to him what Jason Caffetz is about to do to you?

Mike, you’re a brilliant man, gifted with a brain by your dad, Rex, and mom, Janet. But Rex was no idealogue. He was witty, and as urbane as a cowboy can be. In serving as Supreme Court clerk to Whizzer White, he worked well with Democrats. Democrats here, certainly this one, could vote for Rex in a second. But Rex could never have survived, let alone have supported the rancid rhetoric of the Tea Party. I knew your dad far longer than you were permitted to do. I wrote the letter for Rex, to Justice White, as he applied as a Supreme Court clerk, over Rex’s signature, all not quite within the rules. He said I wrote better and I knew he knew more “downtown law practice” than I would ever know.

I don’t know Jason Chaffetz, but I get a great deal of joy watching him make great good sense, done with a winner’s sense of timing and theatre. Both Mike and Jason will go far. I have nothing to say about Wimmer, except what I would say to all our Tea Party darlings:

l. Do you promise in the first term of your election-for-life (this is, after all, Utah, the land off dinosaurs) to renounce your Cadillac health care, for life, since it’s provided, unconstitutionally you say, by the federal government?

2. Do you promise to pack heat in the Senate and the House, openly, as you demand we do at the University of Utah? An AK 47 and at least one six-shooter will do. Sooner than later, there will be killings when you combine volatile rhetoric, ramped up “facts” that aren’t, and guns.

3. Do you promise to defile your homes, offices, and the Capitol Building the way you all have defiled our state as lackeys of Energy Solutions, with among other goodies, depleted uranium? What is the aversion of ethical morons, however bright, to the morality of “not in my backyard?” In fact, you have no more regard for your own backyard than four pigs in a parlor, or more accurately, the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

4. Do you promise to insure us against global warming, happening right now while your heads are in the ground and your hind parts where your brains should be? Is your only answer to global warming to assure a Nuclear Winter, which you do by your opposition to bipartisan nuclear weapons treaties? These have been endorsed by every Secretary of State from Ronald Reagan’s presidency through the administrations of Bush the elder to our nation’s worst president in a walk, George the Less? One way or the other, you fellas do pack heat.

5. Do you promise to continue to oppose Utah’s reception of federal aid to schools, highways, food banks, unemployment insurance, and health care, already paid for by our own income and other taxes?

This list, drawn from the Tea Party’s manual of destruction of our federal government in favor of the states, could go on. Do the Tea Partyers still think the South won the Civil War?

Ed Firmage, Samuel D. Thurman Professor of Law, emertus, University of Utah College of Law, Salt Lake City, Utah.


Strong Opinion + Ignorance = Tea Partier

The question has been asked; “Question: Are the Tea Party members A) Dumb or B) Stupid?”

I realize people think I am strange for subscribing to the Tea Party Patriots fan page.  I do it to be informed.  The Talking Heads like to try to explain Tea Baggers (their name for themselves, not mine) using every sort of sophisticated analysis. Tea Baggers are this and Tea Baggers are that.  Tea Baggers are angry.  Tea Baggers are disaffected hard working middle America.  Its all bullshit.

Tea Baggers are IDIOTS.  All you need to do, is read the shit they write. 99% of them can’t name the three branches of government.  Hell!  Two of their candidate, Christine O’Donnell and Sharon Angle didn’t even know about the Separation Claus in the Constitution.

In response to the question posed in the screen shot below; “Who do you want to be in the Republican House Leadership position?” The 3rd and 4th response named Jim DeMint and Mitch McConnell.  NO SHIT! See below.

When Strength of Conviction Exceeds Intelligence

When Strength of Conviction Exceeds Intelligence

While most of our decent, educated and liberal friends will no doubt remind me that we should be nice to the Tea Baggers and try to reason with them, but they would be wrong. Scientific studies have shown that when confronted with the falsity of their own beliefs, the only hold them more tightly.

There’s an old joke that goes something like this: my neighbor went to public schools before joining the military. He went to college on the G.I. Bill, bought his first home through the FHA, and received his health care through the V.A. and Medicare. He now receives Social Security.

He’s a conservative because he wants to get the government off his back. Source

The science says, the best way to get them to STFU is humiliation. Its not pretty but its true.

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“All them worthless Niggers that voted for that Nigger Obama.”

This is an actual voice mail received at Rep John Lewis‘ congressional office. The caller calls Obama and John Lewis “Nigger” a bunch of times. Is he a Tea “Partyer?” Sure sounds like one to me. But for the use of the “N”-word, the language and references are IDENTICAL to protest signs we see at KKK meetings Tea Party rallies.

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Defenders of The Tea Party will argue that this caller does not represent them. The point is that the nature and origins (anti-Obama) of the Tea Party movement purposefully and UNAPOLOGETICALLY, appeals to and targets these kind of people, racists.

Classic example: Tea Party favorite for New York Governor, Carl Paladino refuses to apologize for racially charged comments. Why? Because HE KNOWS that racial rhetoric “appeals to the lowest instincts in man” and to “a mob mentality,” and the racist core of the Tea Party.

In other news today, Virginia’s Republican Governor Bob McDonnell has declared April to be “Confederate History Month,… McDonnell says that the Confederate history “should not be forgotten, but…remembered, [that its leaders] fought for their homes and communities and Commonwealth in a time very different than ours today.”

Everyone knows the subject of  “Confederate” means nothing more and nothing less than racism.  So why?

WHY would a politician deliberatly associate himself with racism? Answer, to appeal to racists voters.

And THIS is why The Tea Party cannot produce a platform much less a coherent reason for hating Obama because “you can’t say it out load,” unless hiding behind and phone.

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“Teabonics:” A Failure of Public Education

“This is freaking hilarious! “Teabonics” – or the interesting ways that “Tea Party” activists spell things. It’s like they’re proud of being ignorant.” – Bryan Shot on Facebook

Obama Looses his job

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Tea Party Convention Should Not Go On.

There is a National “Tea Party” Convention coming up in Nashville Feb 4-6. The problem is the Tea Party is not one movement and the Tea Party Convention organizers are not recognized leaders of the movement. So when they plan a $550 per plate dinner it is naturally going to ruffle many feathers of rank and file Tea Party people who see it as nothing more than a co-opting of a grass-roots movement.

I agree. I think Sarah Palin should decline the invitation to be the key note speaker. I think this Convention is going to damage the great success of the Tea Party movement along with everyone involved.

The Tea Party movement should make every effort to not look like they are falling for the Washington “business as usual” mentality.,2933,583687,00.html



Obama demeans himself and the office of the President by using the term “tea-bag”

The President of the United States demeaned himself and the office of the Presidency by using an extremely offensive term (tea-bag) ,referring to a lude sex act, to describe his critics.

From the New York Times Blog Prescriptions:

“Does anybody think that the teabag, anti-government people are going to support them if they bring down health care? All it will do is confuse and dispirit” Democratic voters “and it will encourage the extremists.”

I’m sure oneutah readers are well aware of this term and it’s intended meaning towards the tea party movement.

It’s one thing for low lives like Janeane Garofalo to use this vile term but for the President to use it shows he too has no class.

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The Literal Trash of September 12th, 2009. Must See~

The Literal Trash of September 12th, 2009

After using Publicly Funded Transportation and Publicly Funded Roads to get to the Publicly Funded sidewalks to walk to the Publicly Funded Parks, at the end of their protest, what did these haters of Government Interference do ?


Amateurs! Anyone who owns their civic responsibility, cleans up after themselves. These people are obviously the entitled type.

Lots more here.

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Glenn Beck Tea Party in America

And this is the real America.  I know. I grew up in rural Pennsylvania.  The part that voted for Bush twice and McCain Palin.

This is the enemy in the Culture War brought to you in a series of dispensations from Newt Gingrich and Tom Delay to Rove and Bush and whats left of the Republican Party.

Listen to the whole thing. This is also the core of the gun lobby.

See video of tea parties around the country here.

Of the Tea Parties, Paul Krugman wrote…

Republicans have become embarrassing to watch. And it doesn’t feel right to make fun of crazy people. Better, perhaps, to focus on the real policy debates, which are all among Democrats.

But here’s the thing: the G.O.P. looked as crazy 10 or 15 years ago as it does now. That didn’t stop Republicans from taking control of both Congress and the White House. And they could return to power if the Democrats stumble. So it behooves us to look closely at the state of what is, after all, one of our nation’s two great political parties.

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