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The Patriarchal Grip of Mormon Marriage

Troy Williams has encapsulated what will no doubt be the LDS Church’s last stand on the Same-Sex Marriage debate in California.

It’s time to call out the Mormon temple marriage for what it really is; the ritualistic humiliation of women. It is a ceremony we queers would never want to emulate.

Having been born LDS (and believe me, that was definitely not a choice) I was indoctrinated my entire life to be morally “worthy” so I could enter the temple. Marriage in the temple is the ultimate goal for all Latter-day Saints.

Troy IS well-qualified to say the following.

The Church is in no position of moral superiority to dictate what is “sacred”. Their pro-family rhetoric should be laughed out of the public sphere. What Mormons call “traditional marriage” I call patriarchal submission. The temple ceremony is an insult to all women. I know many LDS wives will disagree. They will argue passionately that they feel liberated in their temple marriages. But underneath their testimony and tears, they each know they have been ritualistically humiliated in their wedding ceremony. They made their husbands their god. On some deep psychological level, this shadows every aspect of their relationship. No wonder Mormon women abuse their Prozac.

I must admit, I have heard this consistently from women, but only from a safe distance from the pall.

Go read the whole article and leave Troy some comments.

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