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Biggest Loser of the Year: Karl Rove

On Chris Matthews’ Hardball today, he lists the year’s biggest losers after this campaign. I, for one, am glad to see that the Rovian method of gaming politics has been exposed and has failed miserably in the end. All that’s left now is to require him to testify before congress (and maybe the ‘perp’ walk).

#1 Karl Rove
Rove thought he could build a permanent Republican majority by dividing the country. Based on the idea that you were either “patriotic or not, for wars or not, with the cultural values of the right or not”. But it turns out the Republicans didn’t focus enough on economy while playing Rove’s game, and were caught unprepared for the huge economic disaster that climaxed during the election.

Other losers were:

#2 The Bradley Effect. Turned out there was no such effect with this election.

#3 Sen. Elizabeth Dole. Ran a vicious and dishonest ad and lost her senate seat.

#4 Joe Lieberman. Broke party ranks to endorse McCain, but may now be in a bad place. Democrats are upset with him; however, they need his votes in the Senate.

#5 Sarah Palin. Unprepared. Woefully ignorant. Thought Africa was a country not a continent.

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