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The Collapse of Congress

This is part one of a three part series on Congress.

The Current State of Affairs

Last week, Barney Frank said something stunning – he said that Barack Obama needed to take more assertive leadership in the current economic crisis.

At first blush, Frank’s statement might not seem troubling. On further reflection, Frank is admitting that Congress is unable to provide leadership for the nation. Frank’s comment is especially revealing when you consider that Barney Frank has a history as one of the House’s more outspoken members – he’s no fading violet but he’s still asking for the President-elect to offer Congress leadership.

A few months ago, on Bill Moyers, Andrew Bacevich described Congress as a dysfunctional institution, one incapable of ending an unpopular war being waged by an even more unpopular President. Over the last decade as Congress has become an increasingly and distressingly incapable institution – incapable of carrying out its Constitutional duties, an isolated backwater whose members are focused narrowly winning re-election that they have little ability or interest in actually governing. Congress, in other words, has utterly collapsed as a functioning branch of government. Read the rest of this entry »

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