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Knowledge is Humility

I have of late begun to process the strong likelihood that we are in total collapse.  Anyone paying close attention knows the consensus (here, here, here, here) that the world economic system and our planet’s environment are officially in free fall is unchallenged.   Total collapse is probably eminent in the next decade.  Glenn Hoefer was right (ouch that hurts)

For me, that means, among other things, there is no longer much point in laying blame where it belongs because it is too late. Had we rejected the conservative, political greed and corruption the second Reagan got elected, Newt Gingrich might never have prevailed and Rove might not have been in a position to mobilize the deluded masses of the religious who slammed dunked us with Bush.

 Over these recent years there have been only two books which altered my world view.

The Moral Animal by Robert Wright merely lays out the zoology of our species to reveal the harsh though politically incorrect scientific reality about our species. Some of the unchallenged science in the book is unknown even to most medical doctors.  I won’t go into it here.

The other book, is Jared Diamonds, Guns Germs and Steel (GG&S).  Turns out the nature of the rise of world civilizations was exclusivily a function of environmental circumstance.

Both books leave you with a clear understanding of how really unremarkabale we are (pitiful actually) as a species, and how convincing ourselves otherwise is our strongest evolutionary trait.  The concept of God is just one of the horrific outcomes of our baseless arrogance. It is humility that must be learned and our lack of it that has killed us.

I write this because I just found the PBS series on GG&S on YouTube, and I’m going to watch it.

Pay particular attention to the cereals.

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