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Open Your Heart – Donate to The Road Home

theroadhomeNo-one asked me write this, honestly. But I was inspired by my generous daughter who got $50 from her employer for Christmas, and was trying to figure out how many warm coats she could buy with that money to donate to The Road Home.

If you have ever visited The Road Home on Rio Grande Street, as my daughter and I have to drop off donated items, you cannot help being moved by the many men, women, and children who are so in need of basic things.

Here’s why I like to help this organization:

The Road Home provides support and shelter for overcoming homelessness. We have a wide variety of programs that provide services to people. The Road Home operates out of The Salt Lake Community Shelter, the largest homeless shelter in Utah.

We begin by providing people with basic needs such as food, clothing and shelter, while immediately working with them to develop a plan for housing. Our programs are designed to connect people with resources and help integrate them back into the community.

With my daughter’s inspiration, I went looking for bargains on warm coats. And I found some good sales. Driving home, I was listening to (oh, I’m so embarrassed to admit this) FM100 Christmas music, and they mentioned they would be broadcasting from The Road Home and told listeners you could find a list of things they need online. So I looked, and sure enough, here’s the list. They especially need blankets and towels. You can also donate money.

So here’s my idea: I’d like to urge everyone who reads this post to consider donating something to help these people who are trying to get on their feet. You can donate gently used as well as new items. Click on the list to see what they need, and look around your house. I’ll bet you have a few things you can donate. Drive down to Rio Grande Street (455 West) between 200 and 300 South, in Salt Lake. It’s just north of the Rio Grande restaurant on the west side of the street. There’s a gate with a sign on it that says “Honk” and when you do, someone or something opens the gate and you can drive in to drop off your donation.

I promise you it is so easy to do and it will do your heart good to help. If you don’t live in Salt Lake, I’m sure there’s someone in your city who needs help just as much. Thank you for tolerating this commercial for something I feel is so worthwhile.

The Road Home
210 South Rio Grande Street (455 West)
Salt Lake City, Utah 84101
(801) 359-4142


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