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The Walking Dead Shambles Back Onto the Road

It was exciting, chaotic, got our characters moving again and killed a whole buttload of zombies (and two forgettable humans).  But was it any good?

If you haven’t seen the season finale, don’t read any further. Read the rest of this entry »

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a bunch of people walk into the zombie infested woods at night . . .

I couldn’t figure out why Better Angels frustrated me until I rewatched it last night.  In a series that lives or dies depending on how effectively it handles its characters, this episode was filled with shifts in the characters’ behavior that didn’t make as much sense as they should have.  The writer want us to accept that the characters were deeply affected by Dale’s death.  And certainly Rick was; we know both Glenn and Andrea were close to him.  But watching our characters go sideways was frustrating simply because as the audience we’re not given enough reason to buy the authenticity of the characters’ changes.

Frustrating episodes and complex characters aren’t always a problem but they can make for difficult TV (see Buffy season six for example).  The Walking Dead season two has been remarkably uneven – almost every episode has had a high point, but over all the season has been tough going.  Better Angels is a good example of how the backstage problems have translated to storylines with holes in them. Read the rest of this entry »


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