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Participatory Models: World Cafe – Shaping the Future

A personal favorite, World Cafe is a powerful way of unearthing experiences and ideas.  Like most participatory models, World Cafe is grounded in the simple insight that conversation is how humans think together and that in almost any conversation, people will open up more in a small group than a large group.   World Cafe is a means by which hosts can take advantage of the best aspects of small and large group conversation.

The “bible” of World Cafe was written by Juanita Brown and David Isaacs – The World Cafe: Shaping Our Future Through Conversations That Matter.  In addition, there is mothership website that is chuck full of information, guides, and stories.  Like Circle, World Cafe’s logistics can be relatively easily mastered and like Circle, you can spend years deepening your effectiveness as a host.

World Cafe begins with questions.

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