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Top Ten Reasons to do an interview in front of a turkey slaughter

Just in time for the big T-Day

As seen on Letterman – 11-24-2008, Top 10 Sarah Palin excuses:

10. “I can see Russia, but I can’t see what’s going on five feet behind me.”
9. “Not thinking straight after spending all night reading every newspaper and magazine.”
8. “Damn ‘gotcha’ media got me again!”
7. “My Remington shotgun says I don’t need an excuse.”
6. “Those were al-Qaeda turkeys.”
5. “I thought they were just torturing the little guy.”
4. “I mean, doggonit, you know, like we have to lower taxes, and like, it all falls under job security, and we need to drill, you know?”
3. “Uh, stomach flu?”
2. “I’ll get right back to ya! I’m still adorable, America.”
1. “Don’t blame me! Blame Joe the Turkey Slaughterer!”

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