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Torture Pro Judge Bybee Fails Backbone Test

Friends Say Judge Wasn’t Proud of Outcome


Via his roommate at BYU, this morning’s Washington Post reports that Torture Memo author Judge Jay Bybee is tortured by self-pity.

“Jay would be the sort of lawyer who would say, ‘Look, I’ll give you the legal advice, but it’s up to someone else to make the policy decision whether you implement it,’ ” said Randall Guynn, who roomed with Bybee at Brigham Young University and remains close.

In other words, “Its not my fault those evil men used my advice to justify torture.” Is Bybee then standing by his legal opinion?

Neither Guynn nor his brother, Steve, who also roomed with Bybee, recalled the judge distancing himself from the memos. But in the years since the first memo became public, Bybee left that sense with some.

Where is the personal responsibility?  Where is the moral compass?

Since moving to Utah years ago, I am frequently reminded that without religion there is no morality.

If morality – the sense of  right vs wrong — is derived exclusivily from religion, and Bybee’s religious training is straight from the bosum of The LDS Church…  Is it possible the training at BYU Law School is at odds with religious doctrine?  Or is Bybee a weak-kneed, ambitious, self-serving schmuck with a pretty face?

Bybee’s friends said he never sought the job at the Office of Legal Counsel. The reason he went back to Washington, Guynn said, was to interview with then-White House counsel Alberto R. Gonzales for a slot that would be opening on the 9th Circuit when a judge retired. The opening was not yet there, however, so Gonzales asked, “Would you be willing to take a position at the OLC first?” Guynn said.

I can only imagine what must be going on in Bybee’s head. “Dang. I got caught.”

Bybee should take this opportunity to become a ‘man.’ Otherwise, he’s going to face the fasted impeachment in history.  Three Senators have already called for his resignation.

What is he waiting for?

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BREAKING: ByBee to Become Poster Child for ‘Obama Justice’

Pat Leahy says Bybee should just resign.

If that’s the case, Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.), told reporters Tuesday, then Bybee should resign. “The fact is, the Bush administration and Mr. Bybee did not tell the truth. If the Bush administration and Mr. Bybee had told the truth, he never would have been confirmed,” said Leahy, chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee. The decent and honorable thing for him to do would be to resign. And if he is a decent and honorable person, he will resign,” he said deliberately.

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Is The Salt Lake Tribune Covering for BYU Grad Jay Bybee?

A first time commenter posted this OneUtah today claiming a Salt Lake Tribune blog deleted it?s-bybee-large

A little background on Jay Bybee Says:

I posted this to Glen Warchol’s blog … it was deleted.

Bybee graduated magna cum laude from Brigham Young University in 1977. He earned his Juris Doctor cum laude[5] from BYU’s J. Reuben Clark Law School in 1980. While in law school, he served on the editorial board of the BYU Law Review.

I couldn’t find a post on Glen Warchol’s SLC Crawler related to the recent revelations about Bybee or his torture memo, so it may well be that the comment was removed for being off subject. and probably by someone in a more administrative role at the paper.

I’m not sure how I feel about that. It is certainly their right, but it also reflects a policy of control that is at odds with the value and merit of blogging and open discussion. I will send this off to Glen so he has a chance to respond.

There is a story here though. Not only is it likely that Bybee will be impeachedwhich would be a serious black mark on BYU, but it seems that BYU Law School graduates made up a disproportionate number of Bush era appointees and hires. The Bush administration proved to be an unabashed recruiter of the most dependably right-wing collaborators whose greater value was not so much in their credentials, but rather in their loyalty and reliability in following order without regard for precedent or law.

It should surprise no one that the neocons looked to Utah County for their foot soldiers. After all, Utah County produced Chris Cannon and Jason Chavetz.

BYU Law School has produced some good lawyers, but it has produced at least one celebrated graduate who has subverted his teachings (legal training) for self-interest and promotion and in the process, participated in one of the ugliest episodes in American and World history.

Judge Bybee MUST be impeached and then indicted for his role in the administration’s violation of domestic and international law. He should also be ‘judged’ for not speaking out for his Country when he had the opportunity.

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Did Mitt Romney’s Religion Doom His Candidacy?

Did Romney lose the Republican primary because he is LDS?

I argued in an earlier post;

Romney was rejected for being a pompous, lying, flip-flopper. He changed lanes more than a NASCAR race. He promoted himself as the meanest of warmongers…”Double the size of Gitmo”?

Now, I’m having second thoughts. Consider that Republicans more today than ever, seem unconcerned with liars. After all, the re-elected one, and then tried to elect several more.

So I will concede Ken’s conclusion;

I saw how many of them, especially those that supported Mike Huckleberry simply because they did not want to see a Mormon be nominated. It was their hatred that handed John McCain the nomination

So what does it say about Republicans that they won’t elect a Mormon, but Democrats elected a BLACK MAN?

There is but one conclusion; The Republican Party is a tool of the intolerant, pathetic, frightened, racist, bigoted Christian Right.

The Republican Party is the party of economic collapse, unlimited government, lost and illegal wars, torture, unprecedented national debt, closeted homosexuals, and corrupt, sex-obsessed homophobes.

Oh yea, and ‘family values’ and ‘rugged individualism’ (except when it comes to Corporations).

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New Game: Spot The Liar

This is classic. Lying at its best. Liars in the headlights.

For those of you who don’t know, John Yoo is the flunky lawyer who wrote the ‘Torture Memo’ declaring the Geneva Conventions quaint and giving the President of Coke permission to defy an international treaty and torture.

Addington is Cheney’s more evil sidekick. His title is something like counsel to the Vice President. He is Cheney’s ax man. He is the devil. Even Republicans are scared of him.

Congressman John Conyers is Chairs the House Judiciary. He has balls of steel. Enjoy.

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