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The Myth of the Rampaging, Insatiable Transvestites

Wingnut ubersite WND formerly known as WorldNetDaily (or WingNutzDaily) has a completely hysterical (not in the funny sense) article entitled ‘Coed showers’ plan could hit even churches.

There’s nothing unusual about right wing religious types having a freak out about proposals to provide legal protections to glbt persons.  In fact, it’s so common I think the rest of us tend to overlook the truly vile nature of their statements on these issues.  To wit:

“This dangerous Peeping Tom bill will allow cross-dressing men to enter women’s bathrooms and dressing rooms even if they are sexually attracted to women.”

MCRG says that a similar bill in the city of Baltimore at least has exemptions for “religious, educational and toilet facility settings,” but the Baltimore County bill it has dubbed the “Dangerous Peeping Tom Law” does not.

MCRG noted that since Montgomery County, Md., adopted the change several years ago, women have been raped in the restrooms at Montgomery Community College, Asbury nursing home, Pelican restaurant and the Bethesda Hyatt.

“Women are easily victimized and ladies’ bathrooms can be risky places when men have access,” Jacobs noted.

The logical sleight of hand in the article isn’t even subtle.  A county adopted policies allowing persons who identify as female to use women’s restrooms, some women were raped, therefore the problem are those rampaging, insatiable transvestites.  Of course, there’s no proof offered that any of the women were raped by anyone who identified as transgender.  It’s no different than the idea that it’s somehow wrong to allow gay men and straight men to shower together in high schools or colleges or military baracks (as if it’s not already happening).  In this case, the story is very simple (and very fasle) – transgender people don’t conform to the religious right’s idea of gender roles, therefore they must be rampaging sexually insatiable beings who are inherently dangerous and will fuck anyone or anything willing or not.   The mere presence of a MtF transgender person in a bathroom violates women.  Even calling it the “peeping Tom” law is part of the strategy – as if transpersons don’t have to pee like the rest of us, the only reason they’d be in a bathroom is sneak a look at your wife’s ladybits.  It’s a hateful story based in fear and ignorance.

It’s not as if straight, cisgender people have a great record (i.e. Secret Service hiring hookers in Colombia) of morally admirable sexual conduct (also see David, King and Bathsheba); some of them even engage in morally reprehensible and wildly inconsistent behavior (see Gingrich, Newt and Edwards, John).  The fear of a transgender person using a public restroom and taking the opportunity to commit rape is wildly out of proportion to the real incidents of rape. 

Such tactics are shameful and dishonest and the people who employ them should be publicly called out for their dishonesty and their bigotry and their fearmongering.

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Religious Bigotry on Parade at Utah Capitol

Update: Great News!!! We have been informed by the Pride Center that the Anti-Transgender bill that Rep. Wimmer was pushing is going to not make it out of committee. The meeting tonight has been canceled.

Thank you all for your thoughts and action on this important matter.

January 28, 2009
Dear Friends,
Rep. Wimmer is a state representative and a police officer that has decided to go after the transgender community and change the existing driver’s license requirements to make it more restrictive for those who are seeking to change their “sex” designation. His proposal requires that “written verification from a licensed physician that the applicant has undergone and completed a sex reassignment surgery” be done before an “M” or “F” is granted.
There are many of us feel that a “legal class” of people are being sought out and unfairly discriminated against. “Equality Utah” has tried to get the author of this bill to modify the language, but there is no guarantee that he will. We are therefore asking you to come to an emergency meeting Thursday night at the “Pride Center.” I am up in Portland until Sunday and cannot be in Utah to protest or try to intercede along with you. Jennifer Nuttall who is the adult director has put the following notice out:
“This is an open invitation to members of the Trans community and our allies.
Attention: HB 225 – The anti-trans driver’s license amendments bill was not heard in committee this morning it has been bumped to Friday.  We don’t know yet whether it will be heard in the morning or afternoon session.  For more information on HB 225 visit
Unfortunately Rep. Wimmer is dedicated to seeing this bill run so it is imperative for our community to discuss the proposed updates to this bill as well as strategize our response. 
There will be an Emergency Strategy Meeting in the Multi-Purpose room at the Utah Pride Center, 355 North 300 West.  Tomorrow January 29th @ 7pm.
The community drives our Utah Pride Center and we cannot move forward as a Center without the communities input.
Think of this as a pre-rally, a prep session for whatever needs to happen next.
Please send this to everyone who might need to be in on this.

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