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It’s Just a Cartoon, Right?

The best animations I’ve ever seen have come from an international site called

Disquieting media to say the least, but you may recall that some of the most horrifying stories ever told in books were for children.

This one is from Germany, where people might know something about the ill effects of unbridled capitalism:

Has a good ending which points here, but I don’t speak German even though I’m half German. I DO know that Germans are innovators in green energy. We could have been, but that’s the way things go.

Don’t know where this one’s from, but sleep well:

Update: Just happened on this tonight. Could self-bridled capitalism be taking root? Take a look at this video and visit the site of this business. I don’t think Willie Nelson would have offered his services if this weren’t real:

There is a long history of greedy businesses catering to our green sensitivities – BP comes to mind -, but I’m certainly going to check this out.

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