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Another National Embarasment – Jason Chavetz: Utah’s Newest Nazi

The Salt Lake Tribune’s Robert Gehrke holds himself to the highest standard of objective journalism so rare in the Utah media. He should be commended for his objectivity.

in An ‘odious reminder’, Chaffetz’s plan for tent cities is lambasted: Candidate’s immigration plan likened to WWII internment camps (archive link)

“Jason Chaffetz’s comments are more than just offensive and embarrassing to all Americans; they demonstrate a blatant disregard of the need to be vigilant in remembering the lessons learned from a disgraceful chapter in U.S. history. “

Some Utahn’s no doubt may view question the objectivity of that statement. But they will be unable to do so without revealing their racism and xenophobia. Chaffetz is an embarrassment to Utah, as was Cannon. The word ‘odious’ rings true.

I got this e-mail yesterday:

The Sutherland Institute is hosting the season’s first debate between Democratic Congressional Candidate Bennion Spencer and Republican Jason Chaffetz.

The debate will be open to bloggers and closed to both the public and the press.

The Utah Amicus will be blogging the debate live tomorrow, Sept 9 at 7:30 am.
For more information contact Shawn at ShawnColvin ‘at’

Note: “The debate will…closed to both the public and the press?”

Chavetz refuses to debate Spencer in public or to be recorded. Only Utah’s Sutherland Institute is unencumbered enough by integrity to host such an offense to public transparency.

Very sad.

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