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Carl Wimmer, “We don’t need no stinkin’ universal health care”

Continuing to be the Party of No, Utah Republicans think it’s a bad idea that everyone should have health insurance, and they want to opt out of any plan passed by congress. State Representative Carl Wimmer feels so strongly about this, he is pushing for an amendment to the state constitution.

wimmerAccording to KSL, Wimmer says:

We’re going to pass a state Constitutional amendment stating that people will not be forced by the national government to purchase health care insurance and that small businesses will not be forced to provide them.

Wimmer says state Republicans have made some good progress on their own plan and that help from the Feds is anti-states’ rights. I don’t even want to get into the Patrick Henry club of which he is a part. But I am definitely interested in hearing the details of this Republican plan and how it is so great we won’t miss the Federal dollars we are likely to lose.

I’m willing to bet there are no details to be had.

Of course, getting an amendment through will not be easy as noted in the story, “. . . an amendment would have to come in the form of a joint resolution, approved by two-thirds majority in both houses, then approved by voters in a general election as well.” So this may just be grandstanding after all.

Utahns should be worried. Sometimes politicians can get so wrapped up in party politics and being anti anything the opposite party proposes, that they are even willing to harm their own constituents.

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